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Space mix : the final frontier : 1st year anniversay of Funky jeff’s blog !

September 9, 2010 1 comment

For the 1st year anniversary of my music blog I would like to thank all the people who visited my blog over the last year. A year ago I would’ve never imagined I would’ve had 36 000 visits on my blog especially with such a peculiar subject such as electronic music. I am also glad to have met some interesting internet friends such as Mick Chillage and Mokota downtempo. So I give you guys my first ambient set of a series of 3 entitled Space : the final frontier. Inspired by the likes of Star trek as well as the music of Pete Namlook, Juno reactor and Norwegian producer Geir Janssen aka Biosphere…This is a mix I did last april on the spur of the moment. I think it gives the impression of floating through a spaceship into hyperspace.Very light mix with ethereal soundscapes. This time you can stream it as well as download it directly into Windows media player or your computer as the mix is hosted through a local board called Ravezone. Comments are wellcome and don’t forget to chill out as much as you can !

Space mix : the final frontier

1) Biosphere : Nook & Cranny
2) Biosphere :
Le Grand Dôme
3) Juno Reactor : Solaris
4) Cosma : Ethno-Bialick
5) John Daly : Exp 3
(AKA 2 Sequencers Are Better Than One)
6) Tetsu Inoue : Karmic Light
7) Ryoji Ikeda : Luxus 1-3
8 ) ISHQ : Fluid earth
9) Sensorama : Aspirin
(Global Communication RMX)
10) Pete Namlook : Wind
11) B12 : Void/Comm


Who sampled who ? Girl from U.N.C.L.E. vs Dimitri from Paris

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. is an American spy-fi TV series that aired on NBC for one season from September 16, 1966 to April 11, 1967. The series was a spin-off from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and used the same theme music composed by Jerry Goldsmith. For his album Sacrebleu the French musiciam Dimitri from Paris took samples of the theme music of the series and incorporated in the song A Very Stylish Girl. For those into downtempo or jazzy downbeat, Sacre bleu, released in 1996 is quite a milestone that even nowadays is still highly enjoyable. Recently I dug up the vinyl and was amazed how well that album had aged not to mention the outstanding feeling of being in Paris whilst not even being there. Très cool Dimitri !

Dimitri from Paris : A very stylish girl (1996 : :Yellow : Sacre bleu)

Teddy Randazzo : Girl from U.N.C.L.E. ( OST Soundtrack : 1966)

Monday morning chill track with Eitan Reiter

September 5, 2010 1 comment

Eitan Reiter is a genre-crossing artist from Israel. He’s producing all sorts of electronic music. As a part of the Unoccupied duo with Nadav Katz (Cuts) he produces and write electro acoustic music, and as half of Loud with Kobi Toledano he releases psytrance. Under his own name he also produces minimal techno music and also psychedelic chillout and downtempo electronica. He also collaborated with and remixed some well-know artists such as: Shulman, Bluetech, J.Viewz and Perfect Stranger, among others. Eitan also writes and produces music for film and other soundtracks. His debut album on Aleph Zero Records, Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To is packed with very deep and very psychedelic soundscapes, hovering pad sounds and seemingly infinite reverb spaces. The mood [is] dreamy to sentimental but … keeps changing during the entire album…It’s clear that Aleph Zero is trying to push the envelope of the psychedelic ambient scene. They did a great job with this album that works like a musical journey that progresses unself-consciously through some very personal musical territory, full of pleasant wonderment and unfettered by genre distinctions.

Eitan Reiter : Eggplant week – Places I miss that I haven’t been to (Alpha Zero records)

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