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Monday morning chill track with Eitan Reiter

Eitan Reiter is a genre-crossing artist from Israel. He’s producing all sorts of electronic music. As a part of the Unoccupied duo with Nadav Katz (Cuts) he produces and write electro acoustic music, and as half of Loud with Kobi Toledano he releases psytrance. Under his own name he also produces minimal techno music and also psychedelic chillout and downtempo electronica. He also collaborated with and remixed some well-know artists such as: Shulman, Bluetech, J.Viewz and Perfect Stranger, among others. Eitan also writes and produces music for film and other soundtracks. His debut album on Aleph Zero Records, Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To is packed with very deep and very psychedelic soundscapes, hovering pad sounds and seemingly infinite reverb spaces. The mood [is] dreamy to sentimental but … keeps changing during the entire album…It’s clear that Aleph Zero is trying to push the envelope of the psychedelic ambient scene. They did a great job with this album that works like a musical journey that progresses unself-consciously through some very personal musical territory, full of pleasant wonderment and unfettered by genre distinctions.

Eitan Reiter : Eggplant week – Places I miss that I haven’t been to (Alpha Zero records)

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    I’ve used your post as reference

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