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Winter mix 2 : What lies beneath icebergs…

In the sleeve notes of Vladislav Delay’s first and only album on Chain Reaction, entitled Multila, and released in 2000, one could read : “life films us exactly. Our experience of it, though, lies beyond images and descriptions. Emotions, coming in irrational flashes, are non-figurable. We lose our little connection to them very quickly. We look for forms with this in mind : that they can take us to meet the subconscious.”

Multila’s construction was heavily influenced by glitch techno, dub and ambient. And so is the second volume to my mix series Winter mix which is also principled this way. Winter mix 2 : what lies beneath icebergs, I hope, captures fragments of an iceberg drifting at sea and moments without definition or localisation that are captured within tiny fragments of time and then within one’s mindspace. Both during and after its recording, Winter mix 2 has been for me a personal experience to learn about the state of the environnement, and the landscapes that surrounds us. Last august, I finded myself taking a stroll nearing St-Laurent’s river, listening to those tracks unmixed in my I:pod, then hoping to give the listener the impression of rising to the surface from the oceanic depths as the tracks were mixed altogether in the studio afterwards. As Stl starts to flow in, you will perhaps find yourself immerged into eerie wind blows, and Galerie Stratique’s Frozen lakes is just one of the best winter ambient tracks I have ever heard. There Charles-Émile Beullac tried to recreate the glossy feelings of the first snowdrops of the year. Afterwards, you might want to dive at sea underneath water with the Dreamfish album and Underwater, a track that submerges you deep under water. The journey then goes to minimal techno à la Plastikman then ending up with the superb opener on Bola’s first album Soup, a landmark of the IDM genre, called Glink. Strange and beautiful ambient washes ride effortlessly over an odd, meandering bass sequence yet subtle with deep and slow rhythms. I think it’s important to play this mix on a decent system so you can really hear and feel the interactions between the bottom end and the sounds that envelop it. I hope it will feel like you’re floating while this mix is being played.

Winter mix 2 : What lies beneath icebergs…

1) Reload : The Enlightenment
2) Stl : Atmospheric illusion
3) Alva Noto : X-rox monophaser 2
4) Galerie stratique : Frozen lakes
5) Pheek : Ouverture (Le jeu des yeux)
6) Dreamfish : Underwater
7) Steve Hillage & Evan Marc : Intention craft
8 ) Plastikman : Cor ten
9) Porter Ricks : Port gentil
10) Deepchord : Vantage Isle (Spacecho Dub II Mix)
11) Yagya : Ringing sex
12) Mateo Murphy : Blue
13) Photek : Trea’non
14) Bola : Glink

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