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A Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere

January 16, 2011 5 comments

Space Dimension controller is the project of 19 year old Jack Hamill, who has already displayed a prodigious talent for spacey synth-squiggle, a talent that calls to mind with the announcement that was made that the young Irish house prodigy Space Dimension Controller would be collaborating with the equally prodigious and equally young Detroit producer Kyle Hall, it was just as surprising as it was sensible. The two producers have disarmingly similar styles, both rooted in early melodic Detroit house and techno.  The thought of Space Dimension Controller’s noodly melodies is embodied in the title track an anthem of lush neon and soft squelches like acid with all the harshness shaved off. It’s one of those impossibly cool tunes that sounds like classic cars and sunglasses and decadent cityscapes. All of that might sound a little cliche but it’s held down by his unusually great grasp of slippery melodies that slide and spiral out from the impossibly bright core of bass and crisp drums : you can tell a Space Dimension Controller track when you hear one : aversing realms of space funk, cosmic disco and Detroit techno in cosmic expanse, mingling the sensual and the far-out, as would well suit two amorous galactic travelers.

Space Dimension controller : Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere Royal Oak / 2010

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