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Monday chilled track with Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar is a name to be reckon with. He’s been hailed as the next Aphex Twin, and while I won’t indulge myself in such analogy let’s just say he bears impressive talent, as showcased in his first LP, just released entitled Space is only noise. Wouh, released in january 2011 although was availible on vinyl at the end of last year is yet another amazing track from Nicolas Jaar. The down tempo beats and emotional vocals show off Jaar’s amazing talent of creaing such powerful tracks from such simple roots. Yet the jazzy piano lines completely catches you offguard which makes this track so great in my opinion. Looking forward to more from Nicolas Jaar in 2011 so keep your ears to the speakers and eyes on this blog.

Nicolas Jaar – Love You Gotta Lose Again EP: Wouh


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