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A Boards of Canada tribute mix by DJ Tamaris from France

April 30, 2011 3 comments

In today’s realm of mixes, podcast and blogs, there is so much to look upon that sometimes crappy DJ’s take too much place whereas sometimes the unknown little podcast gets shunned or too often overlooked. Such is the case with a dazzling mix I’ve come across on Mokota’s website : a DJ tribute mix of the ever impressive Scottish band Boards of Canada. Now if you follow electronic music and music at all you probably already know BOC, they just simply make magical music, awe inspiring melodies, beautiful soundscapes and lush ambient atmospheres. So I won’t go out and comment their music because it’s been done day in and day out. I’ll just comment the mix that Tamaris made because it’s a beautiful piece of electronic music, and it’s a very pleasant mix to listen to. First, it starts off with nice lullabies such as In a beautiful place out in a country, and then the mix just keeps getting better, with a seamless array of IDM songs from the BOC catalogue. Pretty much every BOC classics is featured in there either from Music has the right to children, the Hi-scores EP or Geoggadi, their sophomore album. It seems Tamaris has used Ableton Live in order to create the mix and I think his ear for music, is very uncanny and accurate. I don’t think mixing IDM is an easy task, as the BPM’s are often in an altogether different zone and the songs not always in the same musical key. The way Tamaris has arranged that mix makes it very pleasant to the ears, as he keeps the loop flowing just enough to maintain interest from the listener.’s just the perfect companion to an airplane trip or a sunday afternoon. IDM DJ and producer from France, Tamaris is currently showcasing a mix of seminal Detroit techno outfit Underground resistance on his Soundcloud page. Check his MySpace for more.

A DJ mix tribute to Boards of Canada

01 From One Source All Things Depend
02 In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
03 Pete Standing Alone
04 Skimming Stones
05 Left Side Drive edit
06 Dayvan Cowboy
07 Sixtyten
08 Roygbiv
09 Macquarie Ridge
10 Diving Station
11 1969
12 A Is To B As B Is To C
13 Left Side Drive
14 Slow This Bird Down
15 Hey Saturday Sun
16 Constants Are Changing
17 June 9th
18 Aquarius
19 Dayvan Cowboy (Odd Nosdam Remix)
20 Julie And Candy
21 Dandelion
22 Music is Math
23 Open The Light
24 Bocuma
25 Roygbiv
26 In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country (recreated by Mira Calix With Oliver Coates)
27 Kaini Industries (recreated by Bibio)
28 Zoetrope

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Mad men season IV on blu-ray

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Mad men season IV of is one the greatest output that this series has had to offer so far. I’ve rarely been mesmerized by a TV series that is essentially a character based show. In Mad men, you won’t find explosions, car chases, sci fi CGI and so on. It’s rather an adult show, for grown ups, that can relate to anyone who has a past that would rather stay buried or deep in a cardbox in a garage…As much as I liked the first three seasons, this one is just too good to be overlooked. The acting on the show is just second to none. It gives a fascinating glimpse into the life the 1960’s and the life of a broken man : Donald Draper. Heartbroken, soon to be divorced, revealed for what he truly is by Betty, his ex wife now remaried to a respectable man. We see Don alone at Thanksgiving, dating girls 15 years younger than him, struggling at his new born agency, and feeling so lonely in his appartement…I don’t think I’ve related more to Draper than this season, where we really feel for him…And we have good reasons to do so. Jon Hamm is such a wonderful, ressourceful actor, it’s amazing how much emotions he conveys as Don Draper. Yesterday, I was watching watching the scene where he calls LA to arrange for the funeral of his “friend” Anna Draper, the wife of the real Don Draper (in case you don’t know Don Draper’s real name is Dick Whitman, and Dick stole Don’identity in Korea) the night following the Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston fight in 1964. And the moment where he bursts into weeping so did us. Having slept in his office with Peggy’s sitting on the couch Don phones LA in the early morning and Peggy asks : “What happened” ? To whom Don replys : “The only person who really knew me for who I was died”…What man never truly hid what he really his ? The softer sensitive side often gets shunned by the cocky, self assuring attitude in order not getting discovered for what you truly are…. That scene was worth 1 million dollars.

At the office, Don Draper is a relentless, confident and sometimes a cocky bastard. In his relationship with Betty he may have lied, cheated but Don truly is a man of the 1950’s and 60’s. He rarely speaks his mind and his emotions are self-contained and deeply buried inside him. That’s because he doesn’t like to talk about himself, nor does he likes the people who like doing so, like Cassius Clay for instance. He claims to despise loudmouths. But he also has a sensitive side, in fact, it’s fair to say that Donald Draper is indeed a sensitive man. Until I started watching Mad men I thought no one could touch Michael C. Hall in terms of acting on the telly, but Hamm is quite breathtaking too.

Mad men IV also offers interesting insights on the issues that are starting to affect the lives of the normal citizens in the 60 ‘s : the soon to be divorce law and most notably the civil rights issues. The agency deals with a car company from the south that won’t hire “negroes”. Since we’re in 1964 and Lyndon B. Johnson is now replacing JFK but also trying to stop segregation, there is a fascinating clash between the two worlds of the USA : the one trying to continue the segregation, and the one trying to stop it hence the new generation whom Peggy meets at an artsy party. There’s also the bloody Viet-Nam war coming up. But the women are also segregated as Peggy mentions : “I have to say, most of the things Negroes can’t do, I can’t do either, and nobody seems to care. Abe Drexler: What are you talking about? Peggy: Half of the meetings take place over golf , tennis, in a bunch of clubs where I can’t be a member, or even enter. The University Club said the only way I could eat dinner there is if I arrived in a cake.

On a personnal level, the character’s issues and worries seems to have taken a leap forward. I still miss Salvatore but having Pete Campbell’s growing is an interesting turn and Roger still is…Roger chasing big boobie Joan who is still grumpy as ever. Jared Harris who plays Lane is as pragmatic as ever. Mad men is still a fascinating tale of the 1960’s about the advertising industry, a society in motion, and and world about to be twisted upside down. But above everything it’s a riveting TV show about a bunch of complex characters that don’t always seem to be so simple once you’ve scratched the surface. Or as Don Draper put it : “People tell you who they are but we ignore it, because we want them to be who we want them to be.

Mad men OST : Dusty Springfield : I only want to be with you (1963)

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Down with the tempo 3 mix

Here is my 3rd installement of Down with the tempo series.There is an interesting story behind that mix : it took me 4 times to get it right ! The 1st time I didn’t like the intro so I changed it, then I did not like the first tracks but the 3rd time I lost the mastering due to a technical error. So I took a deep breath and used AbletonLive in order to take a last portion of the mix and fuse it with the 1st tracks, the number 1 to 8, that were done on Ableton. All I can say is that mixing downtempo is not an easy task. You guys might think that not having to beat match in order of BPM makes it a sultry affair but it ain’t. The diversity of these tracks is staggering but IMO makes it more interesting that tedious 120 BPM that uses the same presets and keys. I would have to say that the David Lynch track with Dubblestandart is an absolute favorite of mine and a HUGE stroke of genius imo. Here they’ve mixed Lynch’s voice with a sample of the Melody from Oxygene (1976) by french electronica icon Jean-Michel Jarre. So, enjoy this mix !

Down with the tempo 3 : Tracklisting

1) Roni Size : Heroes [Kruder long bossa]
2) Massive attack :
Paradise circus [Gui Boratto]
3) Bomb the bass : Bug powder dust dub
4) Mama Oliver : Eastwest [Stoned together]
5) Jay C & Felix Baumgartner : Souk [Vertigo’s blissed out sunset mix]
6) David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry : Chrome optimism
7) Poncho Warwick : Tainted jazz
8 ) Ganga : Down but up
9) Cesaria Evora : Sodade
[Damon Ritchie mix]
10) Negresses vertes : Sous le soleil de Bodega [Bodega di moko mix]
11) Dzhian & Kamien : Streets of Istanbul
12) Thievery corporation : Facing east
13) Ramasutra : Kwaidan
14) Aleem : La voix de la sagesse
15) Jakatta : It will be

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