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Down with the tempo 3 mix

Here is my 3rd installement of Down with the tempo series.There is an interesting story behind that mix : it took me 4 times to get it right ! The 1st time I didn’t like the intro so I changed it, then I did not like the first tracks but the 3rd time I lost the mastering due to a technical error. So I took a deep breath and used AbletonLive in order to take a last portion of the mix and fuse it with the 1st tracks, the number 1 to 8, that were done on Ableton. All I can say is that mixing downtempo is not an easy task. You guys might think that not having to beat match in order of BPM makes it a sultry affair but it ain’t. The diversity of these tracks is staggering but IMO makes it more interesting that tedious 120 BPM that uses the same presets and keys. I would have to say that the David Lynch track with Dubblestandart is an absolute favorite of mine and a HUGE stroke of genius imo. Here they’ve mixed Lynch’s voice with a sample of the Melody from Oxygene (1976) by french electronica icon Jean-Michel Jarre. So, enjoy this mix !

Down with the tempo 3 : Tracklisting

1) Roni Size : Heroes [Kruder long bossa]
2) Massive attack :
Paradise circus [Gui Boratto]
3) Bomb the bass : Bug powder dust dub
4) Mama Oliver : Eastwest [Stoned together]
5) Jay C & Felix Baumgartner : Souk [Vertigo’s blissed out sunset mix]
6) David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry : Chrome optimism
7) Poncho Warwick : Tainted jazz
8 ) Ganga : Down but up
9) Cesaria Evora : Sodade
[Damon Ritchie mix]
10) Negresses vertes : Sous le soleil de Bodega [Bodega di moko mix]
11) Dzhian & Kamien : Streets of Istanbul
12) Thievery corporation : Facing east
13) Ramasutra : Kwaidan
14) Aleem : La voix de la sagesse
15) Jakatta : It will be

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