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My current playlist

Here is a new type of blog post I will introduce on my blog regarding electronic music and my current listenings. So here is a quick top 15 tracks of some of my favorite tracks of the moment. This features nu disco, ambient, electronica, minimal, IDM, downtempo, electro, house an dub.

1) Nathan Fake – Clifford 2 : Japaneese a 120 track electronic danse music project

An hypnotic, minimal and IDMish track featured on the live @t the Igloo fest mix by James Holden, only available on this compilation. One of the best minimal tech trancey track I’ve heard in a long time from the prolific producer of the Border community family. You may know him from being the protégée et of James Holden.

2) Boddika : Spray [Unsigned : 2011]

Yet another masterpiece from the London producer, the half of recently featured UK duo Instra:mental, Al Bleek unleashed this MP3 download from his increasingly prolific solo moniker. At a charging pace from the onset, “Spray” feels like its on the edge of some great discovery with an array of blistering arps and a relentlessly pounding four-on-the-floor beat. The production is along the lines of what we’ve come to expect from the likes of both Instra:mental and Boddika as of late, utilizing sharp, detailed sounds while maintaining a raw, rugged feel via the irregular glimpses of overdriven distortion and distant, blurry pops and hisses. The song maintains this adrenaline-rushed voyage for a little over two minutes before climaxing into a melodic breakdown in which a chorus of bells struggle to peek through the vast layers of remaining synths. Abruptly ending with the sound of the finally defeated bells, “Spray” is a nice slice of work, adding dark, futuristic techno to the already genre-filled list of production styles Bleek and his projects are capable of doing well.

3) Rufus – Trent’s a mess [Bootleg]

A mash up between Miss you from Trentemoller & Gotye classic track : Heart’s a mess, beautiful lullaby. An exclusive bootleg track discovered by random on a blog. Amazing electro pop record.

4) DJ Disse – When I’m bored I change color [2007]

Amazing downtempo and funky house that displays a remix of The Doors : Break on through. Played by Trentemoller on his Polar mix. The track Ramadan is in fact the original of Djuma Soundsystem : Les Djinns. Dubby in approach yet quite funky and dynamic.

5) Nicolas Jaar – Space is only noise [2011]

This guy was dubbed the next Aphex twin and he certainly has the same musical ear whilst having a different sound. I would call this : slow-downtempo-electro that has a different sound to everyone else in 2011. It’s not really dance music nor, downtempo nor house or electro but a bit of all those things. If you don’t know this guy and consider yourself a fan of electronic, you might want to question yourself.

6) Robert Babicz – Slide [2011]

Infectious funky acid house track from the ever talented Polish born German producer. Babicz released his landmark record A Cheerful Temper on Systematic Recordings in 2007. The album seamlessly demonstrates how electronica, techno, minimal and classic house can work together. One of the best tech house producers out there that releases constantly quality intricate house music.

7) Lulu Rouge – Bless you [2008]

Imagine Trentemoller with the delicate female voice of Âne Brun and you’re almost there. It runs the gamut from housy tracks to chill out to tech a like sounds. But the dubby sounds makes this record unique and fresh. On Bless You, the Denmark-based duo blend a refreshing concoction of Basic Channel sound with playful rumbling bass sweeps, pulsating IDM elements, delayed dub chords, catchy organic instrumentations, and nice vocals. The stylistic classification ends up falling somewhere between deep minimal and dub downtempo : it is a unique album that will keep you cozy throughout all your moments.

8 ) Koss – Ancient rain [2008]

Kuniyuki alias, named after the American company that designs and manufactures headphones.  On Mule electronic, he focuses more on ambient with a sound that echoes the godfather Ryuchi Sakamoto with almost a classical approach to electronic music. Highly recommended.

9) Pantha du Prince – Black noise [2010]

The star of German electronic music has made yet an impressive album. After the higly acclaimed This Bliss in 2007, Black noise gathered as much praise if not more. It’s a minimal affair, and quite a time consuming endeavor but it has a lot of gems such as Behind the stars, which lays a complex rhythm over a twisted bassline thay seem  to stick in your head.

10) David Gilmour & The ORB – Metallic spheres [2010]

I was almost scared to grab this album as I read almost as much bad reviews as good ones. But finally, it’s a pleasant surprise. Forget the old The Orb dubby sound with quirky samples, this is closer to FFWD collaboration with Robert Fripp of King crimson fame, but is nonetheless quite interesting because of the ever evolving sound. It reminds me of old FSOL albums from the 90’s or MU : Masters of psychedelic ambience because the sounds keep growing and changing all the time. Which is not a bad thing at all. A mixture of warm beats generated by Alex Patterson and dreamy, psychedelic guitar of David Gilmour. Strongly recommended for all fans of trippy music!

11) Ancient astronauts – Peace in the east  [2011]

Ancient Astronauts are a production duo (consisting of Kabanjak and Dogu) from Cologne, Germany. Their sound is closer to Jazzanova that German techno or DJ Koze and Kompakt which shows Germans can also be funky! A refreashing approach to downtempo, dub and instrumental hip-hop.

12) Instra_Mental : Arc [2011]

The debut album from English duo Instra:mental is not a dubstep album. Just as they usually do, Alexander Green and Damon Kirkham have now taken a sound (in this case, electro) and pushed it far beyond its blueprints. Using consciously vintage and hardware-heavy look at dystopian futures, Resolution 653 plays off the detritus of a decaying Detroit, wandering through deserted city blocks and turning the twilight glow of autonomic into slate grey concrete and scorched black asphalt. It’s impersonal and often utilitarian, which makes its brief moments of calm all the more affecting: here’s a gorgeous synth line lurking behind every wall of inflexible stoned-carved percussion. I called it the perfect electronic music for 3:12 Am.

13) Telonius : Now [Gomma : 2011 ] / Munk : Rue de Rome [Gomma : 2011]

Gomma Records co-owner Telonius wasn’t too happy that co-owner and mate Munk is stole the limelight with the album “The Bird And The Beat” and stroke back with a brand new single, Now which is a dancefloor smashers of funk inspired and disco infused house music. Now has been supported by fans and peers alike from Aeroplane to Shit Robot to Groove Armada and Dimitri From Paris. Call it Gypsy House or Flamenco disco but it creates music that is impossible to pigeonhole or categorise. Let it baffle and astound you, however you wish to define it, it sounds like the perfect tool for the summer season. Munk on the other hand has made a tasty arab house track with Rue de Rome, also released on Gomma records. Rue de Rome is a dirty 70’s styled street funk house track, reminiscent of the early 90s productions from Cassius and Motorbass. Sleazy French vocals and a heavy bass guitar line give the track a unique soul feel.

14) Todd Terje – Ragysh [2011)

Touched by the hand of Todd…Drumroll, please…New 12-Inch with original productions since…Ragysh, is the new single from the busy norwegian producer Todd Terje, an actual new song not just an edit of an old track. Bonysh and Snooze 4 Love… Trans dance from the Norwegian Chief inspector that is Todd Terje…Greatysh hypnotism, properysh beats and a lovelysh Terjerine dream to round it all off…This is cosmic disco at its best, fresh and innovative… Cannot stop listening to it…

15) Uffie – Wordy rappinghood [2011 : Evian mix] / Speok Mathambo : Control [2010]

A cover of the classic from Tom tom club originally released in 1981. Uffie is a Paris based singer and signed to Ed Banger records. She has worked with the likes of Mr Oizo and Mirwais. In 2010, she released “Sex, dreams and denim jeans”. The album was nominated for The French victoires de la musique for best electronic album. The wordy rappinghood cover was produced by DJ Medhi : it’s one the catchiest record I’ve heard in years ! Yet it adds a synth stab from the original by Tom tom club which makes it so addictive.

Speok Mathambo on the other hand, makes a dazzling cover of Joy division. A  South African rapper from Johannesburg, Gauteng, Speok has made an upbeat cover of this classic track from 1980 filled with madness on an album that fall under the genre of dubstep, and by God it’s caressed by it. It’s beautiful, pulsating and visually appealing and musically diverse, making it something that hits the spot when I think of South African musicians : a funky techno cover that Green Velvet would be proud of !

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  1. May 20, 2011 at 8:41 am

    Jaar doesn’t sound like the Twin at all. I agree different sound.

    • funkyjeff77
      May 20, 2011 at 1:05 pm

      Indeed he doesn’t sounds like Afx but that he’s been compared to him regarding his talent for composition…

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