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Musik for Spaceports

December 9, 2011 1 comment

Inspired by insomnia, listening to ambient music each morning and especially, Brian Eno’s seminal album Music for airports, I decided to put together an ambient focus on just single tilt, a surrounding atmosphere that evolves rather slowly in order to soothe, calm, or even more or less, help fall asleep. Ambient is somewhat music that can help you focus whilst studying, or unfocus while sleeping or just reading a book. I’ve put two of my favorite current ambient producers of the moment on the mix : Mick Chillage, from Dublin Ireland, and his awesome, breathtaking song Approaching Antares that feels like floating in hyperspace. That song is from my favorite album of 2011, Faxology, released on Fax records in 2011. As for Bvdub, aka Brock Van Hey, he hails from San Francisco and his music is simply magical and stunning. If Tangerine dream were still making music, they’d probably aim for BVW types of soundss…One last look at the sea, also from 2011 and the same album name, is so relaxing, you will find your self daydreaming with amazing soundscapes…The rest is all ambient, all lush atmospheres and might expand your chill-out experience I hope. And for fellow travellers, I know how stressful a jam packed plane can be and so is flying or the fear of flying…Try this mix with your eyes closed and your headphones on your head. Use your feelings as the mighty and wise Yoda once said, and find peace of mind you will 🙂

You can listen to it or download it at my soundcloud page

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