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First mix of 2012 before the end of the world : Dub tech mix vol. 2

January 21, 2012 Leave a comment

My second mix in the series dub techno : dub mixed with ambient flavours, minimal techno. With the likes of Beat pharmacy, Fingers in the noise, Deadbeat, Porter Ricks, Echospace, Deepchord, Trentemoller, Booka Shade, Sen, D_e, Rythm & Sound and even David Lynch with Lee Scratch Perry !

You can stream or download through Soundcloud as usual :



The tracklisting is the following :

1)    Dub echoes : Soul Jazz documentary with Lee Scratch Perry, Adrian Sherwood & Kode9
2)    Synthetic dialog : Zendub
3)    Beat pharmacy : Assassination of the mind feat. Ras B
4)    Deadbeat & Paul St-Hilaire : Rise again
5)    Fingers in the noise feat. Genoveva : Little Kosmos in my head
6)    Yagya : Snowflake 5
7)    Evan Marc & Steve Hillage : Intention craft
8)    Porter Ricks : Port Gentil
9)    Oliver Deutschmann : Gasolinum
10)    Matthias Kaden : Kawaba (DJ Koze’s kosi-san Remix)
11)    Jichael Mackson : The gras is always greener
12)    Jichael Mackson : Venga (Lo que venga)
13)    Model 500 : Starlight (Echospace unreleased mix C1)
14)    Trentemoller : Nightwalker Vinyl version
15)    Deepchord : Vantage isle ( Spacecho dub II extended mix)
16)    Jokke Ilsoe : Feeling good (Trentemoller remix)
17)    Booka Shade : Vertigo (Henrik Schwarz remix)
18)    Quantec : Chaindata
19)    SEN : We now understand
20)    D_e : Rainy summer dub
21)    Pendle Coven : Chord calculus
22)    Rythm & Sound with Cornell Campbell : King in my empire
23)    Pantha du Prince : Saturn strobe
24)    Trentemoller : The very last resort
25)    Lulu Rouge : Ninna nanna
26)    Dubblestandart meets David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry :
Chrome optimism (Dubblestandart Dub mix)
27)    Business man : Dubby games


A year in review : Top 2011 : Albums, singles, mixes and some personal thinking !

January 18, 2012 1 comment

In 2011, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to music from the past as much as any year, with DJ Tribute to the intelligent-techno era, the Orb, Krautrock and I got less and less into house & techno and more and more into dub, electronica, nu disco / electro and downtempo. I am getting older but my tastes are changing too. Since I no longer have a DJ residency, I think it has allowed me to expand my musical spectrum. Being closer to 40 years old, I am one of those old geezers who say : I was there for the 1st rave, I bought Stella in 1992, and I own that vinyl or CD’s instead of the now popular : I own all top 100 Beatport, which is in my opinion, almost all shitty in my opinion.

Even though it’s great to have all these tools available in to produce music such as AbletonLive, Reason, Cubase and the tools to mix music such as Ableton, Traktor Pro, I will sound like a purist but the end still does not justify the means. The method matters less than the ideas, or your talent as a DJ, a producer and remixer. Quite frequently, I hear these mixes who starts straight up with a beat from the first measure : Deep or tech house (two genres with lots of quality records but are slowly painting themselves in a corner too) it goes all the way, from 75 minutes to 124 BPM and it’s perfectly mixed, but so perfect that it is also boring as hell…Ever had this girlfriend that was blonde with blue eyes but also so tedious that you would get bored ? This is some of my feelings towards dance music altogether and the commercially released mixes…But then, something happened in 2011 : through Soundcloud, I have discovered massive loads of incredibly talented producers that perhaps wouldn’t exist without these softwares or wouldn’t have been able to compose or create mixes because turntables and vinyls were damn expansive back in the days. This in my opinion, the good side of the now more accessible electronic music world : I hear people like Space dimension controller, massively talented, who’s like 22 or 23 years and I wonder if we haven’t entered a new age of electronic music. The dark side ? Never in our lifetime have we been overflowed with music…So many mixes, on Soundcloud, on Mixcloud. So many record producers that it takes a LOT of time and energy to decipher all the good stuff. In between, everyone tends to try and improvise themselves as DJ’s and sometime it just doesn’t cut up.

I will go out and sound like an old-school kinda of guy but despite the fact that the music is now more quickly available and free (although I still like to shop at Juno) but I miss the record stores with loads of vinyls. I miss the gathering of DJ’s and record collector (I consider myself more of this category), the smell of the used Warp record, and the sleeves. The excitement of bringing a new record home such as it was with LFO in 1991. So I went against the grain in 2011 and bought myself a Turntable : since everyone buys a Laptop and Traktor Pro I figured there’s nothing innovative about that. Let’s do the opposite and buy a nice digital turntable and vinyls. Yes, it’s damn expansive. I paid 200 $ for Geoggadi ! But having E2 E4 on Mp3 bears no meaning whilst holding its transparent vinyl has value, rarity and above all, a special aura, that will never be outdated. I won’t say that Laptop DJ’s are worthless and add like Theo Parrish that it is borderline too easy because I think the physical dimension of the records (vinyl especially for record collectors) will co-exist with the laptop DJ’s even if the latter is now more convenient and popular. Guys like Agoria and Joris Voorn are using these tools so accurately, it would be insane not to acknowledge their talent and the way they master those tools, just as it would be foolish not seeing the greatness of turntablist of techno such as Jeff Mills his art and still playing vinyls.

I think there’s advantages to both ways but having started on vinyl and cds I can say that I have learned how to build a momentum in a set, an artform that is starting to get lost. Speaking of lost artforms, where is as the art of creating a thematic album in 2011 ? It is slowly starting to fade away. Where’s todays DJ Shadow’s Entroducing ? Tricky’s Maxinquaye ? Plastikman’s Consumed ? I ain’t sad about the death of the CD but sad about the death of the album as a concept.

In the end, I will finish with this taught :

Convenience and commercialism kill artistic movements. It has happened with hip-hop, now is it our turn ? Those of you under 25, do yourselves a favor and at least learn how to beat match on 1200′s. You owe it to yourselves if you really love this music/culture. Also, please do some research and learn some history. You owe it to the movement as well. If not it will die with my generation because those who have no idea of the history will be unable to advance the culture. 65-75% of what’s available to the average clubber is not it. The global scene is a watered down money/glory based adulteration of something beautiful and pure. This is what we vinyl “purists” are talking about. Stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.

Thanks for reading.


Top 5 albums :

1)    Legowelt : The teac life : U can fly away from the hood

2)    Com truise : Galactic melt : Glawio

3)    Nicolas Jaar : Space is only noise : Space is only noise

4)    Mick Chillage : Faxology

5)    SEN : Sensory emotive network : Within reach

Top 10 Singles :

1)    Scuba : Adrenalin :

2)    Azealia Banks : 212 :

3)    Space dimension controller : Flight of the escape vessels :

4)    Nicolas Jaar : Space is only noise :

5)    Jichael Mackson : Venga (Lo que venga) :

6)    Fingers in the noise featuring Genoveva – Little Kosmos In My Head :

7)    Radiohead : Everything in its right place (Andi Muller mix) :

8)    Steve Miller Band : Fly like an eagle (VMM remix) :

9)    Scarlet Monk : Ring (Krts remix) :

10)     Ancient astronauts : Lost in Marrakesh Pathaans Mirage Mix :

5 mixes on Soundcloud :

1)    DJ Tamaris tribute to Boards of Canada
2)    Joris Voorn’s 15 years of Rejected behind the decks mix

3)    Piemans Classic Warp records mix

4)    Baumann electronics : DJ set live @t GESSAMÍ de St. Esteve de Palautorder

5)    DJ Hudson: Wild Bunch Sound – Massive Attack Samples (1988-98)

Reissue of the year : LFO : Frequencies by Dubplate & Mastering

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