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Tribute to the acid house era…

This mix, I’ll admit it, it’s been done to death by guys like Placid and the infamous crew from France OSBGS (Old school but good school) is like many others in the genre : it is filled with tracks that has stood the test of time. These all are CLASSICS (except for 3 new tracks from this decade) : 20 years onwards, Hardfloor’s Aceperience still sounds better and more original than some of the actual crap released on the dance music scene nowadays. That’s because these guys had a uncanny knowledge of their machines and could truly work them out…They understood that the human controls the machine, not the other way around. That’s why you needed massive loads of musical expertise and innovation to create an impressive record in that span. Especially since these guys never copied anyone. The electronic music back then was not amateurish : builded with massive synth collections and drum machines, these guys had knowledge AND gears. Whereas nowadays, the ideas are less important than the gear itself. Massive respect to DJ Pierre and Phuture from Chicago and the beginning of it all : Acid tracks in 1987. I still remember discovering it in 1995 : it was shocking at first : it had seriously undermined my conception of music and hence the discovery of the 303.. Something so good so old,,,? It seemed like a revolution and then the following summer I was raving through the sounds of Access, Circus bells and Miss DJAX…Acid house, to me is the perfect dance music : it combines the 4/4 of Chicago house with the intense psychedelics of the sleazy machine that is the Roland TB-303…I dare you to name me a record as innovative as Lobotomie. Its intense paranoia makes it the perfect acid house incarnation.

Finally, I would like to thank these artists for keeping techno and house REAL…And thanks to guys like DJ Stormbass, Nic B, DJ Out, who played these records 20 years ago…None of these guys will ever be at the Grammy’s, but all of them are TRUE geniuses. And none of them will ever dish Madonna in the newspaper or on their Twitter account..That’s because the bigger is the ego, the smallest is the talent. And the bigger is the talent, the smallest is the ego.

Tracklisting on my Soundcloud page as usual !

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