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Beastie boys..or wait funky music ?

Weird things happen…I was writting a blog post on my top 20 records of all time which includes Paul’s Boutique by Beastie boys and heard the tragic news that MCA lost his battle with cancer. Deciding to postponed the whole thing I instead bought a compilation of all Beastie boys’s samples entitled : The Beastie boys sample source collection. Needless to say it’s a MUST have for fans of Beastie boys, funky music, old school and rares grooves such as jazz as Jeremy Steig’s Howling for Judy serves as the backbone for Sure shot, and the infamous When the levee breaks obviously has been sampled by producer Rick Rubin on the Boy’s first album and opening track : Rhymin & Stealing from Ill communication (1986)…I have therefore put together a mix with some of my favorite funky tracks with Led Zeppelin, from rock to funk, soul, jazz, disco, hip-hop, downtempo and even bossa nova ! My top 20 will have to wait, MCA, RIP bro, you will be missed..But the legacy of sampling will remain forever! Tracklisting here.

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