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Ambient-techno tribute vol. 2 : the lost era of 1991 to 2001

October 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi folks ! Here is my second mix tribute to the ambient-techno tribute era this time circa 1991 to 2001, as last volume was from 1991 to 1998. This volume I must say was a challenge. First not to repeat myself (and find tracks which were not copyright protected) and to have a different twist to it. I finded records away from Warp (No BOC or Aphex Twin on this one) but some really unknown gems such as Nav Katze : Wild horses released on SSR in 1994 and here remixed by Global communication in a year that has probably been heralded as the golden year of electronica, that saw the release of Orbital’s Snivilisation, 76 : 14, and so much more. I still remember buying all those records, which came really expansive at the time. I was eagerly waiting for my R & S cd’s such as 69 : The sound of music. Reading the pages of the now defunkt Musik magazine, the review gave Carl Craig a well deserved 5 stars ouf of 5 stars, and also said I remember by heart : ”in 20 years time, they will say : they don’t make these anymore..” How fitting and accurate prophecy that was ! I became so desinterested in the new music scene as I feel most house music and techno is stale compared to those records which were more composed than just drawn out of Ableton Live and Cubase / Reason. You can see a good example of that in the harmonics on Robert Leiner’s : To places you’ve never been, or the sonics experiments of Autechre : Clipper. Thanks to Global communication, Autechre, Carl Craig, and daring people like Renaat Vandepapeliere, owner of R & S records who dared making these records out, in a brave era where techno was doomed as just another trend like acid-jazz and fashionable to the most. I would like to dedicated this mix the late and great Terence Mc Kenna, a man whose words has stood the test of time and which is featured in two vocal samples on this mix from this speech.

As usual, you can stream or download on Soundcloud, and when you read the tracklisting, see a little surprise toward the end…

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