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Djak unit & I : Depeche mode : remix tribute

A couple of months ago, I gathered a couple of tracks on Depeche mode in a folder and wondered what to do with them. As over the years I’ve been following their albums and remixes very closely. I was too young in the early 80’s but I’ve always been a fan of DM and their sound has evolved over the years unlike a lot of their peers..I have a friend who is much more knowledgeable than me in DM and music in general. As a matter of fact, my first blog post, 4 years ago, in september 2009, was written on him. So I asked him how much of DM’s remixes did he have…oh boy! Folders, huge !!!! So we decided to make a collaboration and the following mix is the result of our endeavors..Of course lots of classics are omitted here, it is almost clocking at 3 hours and nearly impossible to make a complete mix of DM, original versions or remixes. So it’s our personal favorites. Highly bias towards downtempo, dub, electronica, tech house, and deep house. Hope you’ll like it! Here Djak unit soundcloud page, real name Nicolas Boutin who made a fantastic tongue-in-cheek house track entitled ”Shame on you Mr Bush” featuring Michael Moore back in 2004.

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