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Electrocute & Ambient-techno tribute vol. 3

November 11, 2013 1 comment

Hi folks,

it’s been awhile since I posted here. I completely forgot to come back…I was stunned by Breaking bad’s ending, I’m still in awe of many things be it music, films and so on but too little time to chat about it..My Germans friends, such as Brian and Ivo convinced me to do a Krautrock sequel to the first mix, so I’ve been busy digging vinyls and rare gems from the 70’s ! But I also finally finished the 3rd volume dedicated to the 90’s era of ambient techno and such acts like Leftfield, LFO, Plastikman (Early Plus8), and so on. So here it is, I guess I’ll be back for more later! Until then keep digging music, and on wax if possible 😀

To be forgiven, I’ve made an electro mix, I was just playing around with Digital animal by Honey Claws which played on Breaking bad, and I just improvised the whole thing on CD as I don’t even own Traktor (yet!) nor a laptop nor most of these records on vinyl (sadly)…I hope you guys enjoy, it’s sort of a mixture of synth-pop, nu-disco, electro-pop and techno, and things heats up towards the end with Freak by L.F.O. which was used in Gaspar Noé’s film ”Enter the void’‘! I don’t think this record ever left my bag since I got my mitts on it in 2003, pure techno bliss by Mark Bell..And an outstanding video too!

I would like to thank the store in Chinatown where I bought an energy drink which tastes like meh but gives a whole lot of energy ( :

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