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Yagya : Sleepygirls review

yagyaLet’s rewind in 2009.  Rigning, the third album by Yagya has just been released. Yagya aka Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson is an Icelandic producer who crafts atmospheres influenced by the likes of Gas, Philip Glass, Basic Channel and Brian Eno in a sound of its own. Five years after its release it’s still is an album that I’ve played endlessly, bought on CD, Vinyl, and even played on my radio show countless of times. So what is it about Yagya that makes his music so appealing to fans of dub-techno, electronica or ambient ? Yagya concentrates on the softer side of music and avoids heavy rhythms, it’s been dubbed dub-techno, but that genre is truly too narrow minded for Yagya as his music feels almost effortless as it could’ve been composed by a classical musician, not just a knob twiddler. Sleepygirls is a testament to that in the sense that is much more driven by atmospheres then rhythms. And it’s a good thing. The beats are layered in the background, and everything about this album feels right : the right amount of reverb, of soundscapes, and an underlying voice that you can barely notice sometimes. But the best thing about the album might be its flow : when you listen to it from A to Z it feels as a whole, almost like Black dog’s Bytes or those seamless seminal albums on Warp in the 1990’s. There is harmony and an amazing balance between textures and beats in Sleepygirls. It would be an understatement to call Yagya one of the best electronic musician in today’s world. A dreamy journey from start to finish. Meanwhile, from the archives, my review of Rigning, written in 2010.


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