Ambient-techno vol IV

Here is my last mix on Soundcloud, my last ambient-techno tribute mix, and the very last one I’ll be doing, With a rest of on Mixcloud, it contains the likes of Mixmaster Morris aka The Irresistible force, David Morley, Gescom aka Autechre, Speedy J, Orbital, Photek, Vapourspace & Claude Young. Its companion on Mixcloud has Sandoz, Gas, and µZiq.

– Trust : Microglobe by Mijk Van Dijk was featured on the compilation Trance Europe Express 2, and has a vocal sample from the movie The Abyss. (”You have to look with better eyes)

– Ethereal murmurings by µZiq is quite simply a stunning piece of music. Released in 1994, the best year in eletronic music in my opinion with SAW2 and Global communication’s 76:14.

– Gas Microscopic is not Wolfgang Voigt but Mat P Jarvis aka High skies his album was released in 1995.

– James Bernard’s Phosphorous on Atmospherics, also released in 1994 on Rising high is too underated.

– This is the type of music I’d like to hear in heaven maybe?


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