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Autechre tribute

As a side project, I make so many mixes and remixes that instead of adding them to my current Soundcloud account, I decide to post some of it on friends page. This is a long journey of over 3 hours of music by Autechre, Gescom, and remixes done by Autechre such as the beautiful Skin up you’re already dead. Some live tracks such as Eutow from Tri repetea in Vienna and Kalpol introl. I’ve decided to focus on the period of early Warp releases such as Incunabula, Amber, Tri repetea and EPs such as Garbage, the Anti EP in 1994 ans Anvil vapre. While Autechre have released eleven studio albums, sixteen EPs, and a handful of singles, it is nearly impossible to cover them all. Autechre use many different digital synths and a few analog synths in their production, as well as analog and digital drum machines, mixers, effects units and samplers. They have also made extensive use of a variety of computer based sequencers, software synthesisers, and other applications as a means of controlling those synths and processing the synthesized sounds. Much of the hardware and software they use has been customized by the band themselves a method akin to label mate Aphex twin.
My personal top 10 Autechre tracks :

1) Skin up you’re already dead remix
2) Second bad vilbell
3) Montreal
4) Clipper
5) Dael
6) Eutow
7) D’Breez : Crazy for love (Autechre mix)
8) Nine
9) Kalpol introl
10) Gescom : Sciew spoc

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