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Space 7

August 29, 2015 1 comment

Already volume 7 of the Space mix series. For each volume I try to reproduce the atmosphere of spacy sounds, although space is devoid of sound itself. The following artists have been put together on this mix : Yagya, ISHQ, Mick Chillage, Robert Rich, Ishqamatic, Donato Dozzy and many more.

You can fin earlier volumes at these links :

Space 6 : Funky_jeff – Space-6
Space 5 : Funky_jeff – Space-5
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Space 3 : Funky_jeff – Space-3


The Berlin Sound : a record that changed my life in 1999…

August 24, 2015 Leave a comment

Dub_TechnoTake a slow, staticky, mind-bending loop repeated over and over for 18+ minutes, filtered through all kinds of effects and presto = 8 = work of genius. There is something about that Chain Reaction/Basic Channel static that just gets me every time- and this is 18 slow, endless endless minutes with it. You have to be in the right mood but it’s really satisfying if you are. Absolutely classic, seminal ’97 material from Torsten Pröfrock. Various Artists was the deliberately obtuse handle for some of Torsten Pröfrock. The earliest bits appeared on Chain Reaction in 1995, and these three classic cuts were issued by Fat Cat in 1997 with subsequent remixes from Autechre, Monolake and Pole. It’s probably fair to call these three original cuts prototypical forms of post-techno, using the same tools as the rest, but using their sounds in a more impressionist, abstracted manner that wasn’t quite ambient music, or dancefloor.

There’s a definite influence from his close Berlin peers Basic Channel, yet the dub influence here is super-cooled to sleeker, planed surfaces and computerised texture. ‘8’ is a blissfully mesmeric ebb and flow of signature metallic chords and impressionistic jungle techno torque with the properties of a supersolid structure taking nearly 20 minutes to fluidly unfold; 8 is molded in the tradition of Conrad Schnitzler’s finest, evolving into some kind of uncertain, experimental dub-tech flux. It’s one of my favourite releases records from that era, and now that it’s available digitally, I strongly recommend putting your attention to it. Just a pure sonic masterpiece. I’ve made a mix on Modyfier process series with that track :

Quentin Tarantino movie soundtracks

August 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Quentin Tarantino and funky music go hand to hand together. His soundtracks have multiple gems of hidden soul, funk, and psychedelic rock. While my favorite soundtrack by QT is probably Reservoir dogs (and movie as well) my favorite song from one of his movies has got to be Jack Nitzsche : The last race.

While I think Death proof the movie is absolute rubbish, I think the soundtrack, that I own in red marble blood vinyl is an absolute goldmine of funky music. Ennio Moriconne, April March, Keith Mansfield (Grindhouse) and an obscure Eddie Beram are featured in the movie. Bernard Alfred “Jack” Nitzsche, born 22 April 1937 in Chicago, Illinois  was an arranger, producer, songwriter and Academy Award-winning film score composer.  He scored One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Starman while The last race was done in 1964, on a 7 ” / 45 RPM.

Full tracklisting of the mix :

1) Quentin Tarantino on the moral choices in Pulp fiction
2) The Ventures : Miserlou
3) James Brown : The big payback (Tall black guy BIGBACK slap-up re-edit)
4) Brothers Johnson : Strawberry letter 23
5) Minnie Riperton : Inside my love (Disco tech edit)
6) Joe Tex : I gotcha
7) Tomoyasu Hotei : Battle without honor or humanity
8) Smith : Baby it’s you
9) Keith Mansfield : Funky fanfare
10) Dusty Springfield : Son of a preacher man (Charlels Beale edit)
11) Bill Whiters : Who is he
12) The vampire sound incorporation : The lions and the cucumber
13) Alan Reeves, Phil Steele and Phillip Brigham : The Chase
14) Kool & The Gang : Jungle boogie
15) Bernard Hermann : Twisted nerve
16) The Coasters : Down in Mexico
17) Eddie Bunker / Harvey Keitel : Madonna speech
18) Jack Nitzsche : The last race
19) George Baker : Little green bag
20) Bobby Womack : Accross 110 th street (DJ ”S” bootleg bonus beat)
21) Al Green : Let’s stay together (Disco tech Dj cut mix)
22) Marsellus gets medieval
23) Dave Dee, Dozy Beaky Mick and Titch : Hold tight
24) Lively ones : Surf rider
25) Eddie Beram : Riot in thunder valley
26) Harry Nilsson : Coconut
27) RZA : Ode to Django (The D is silent)
28) Isaac Hayes : Truck turner
29) Quincy Jones : Ironside
30) April March : Chick habit
31) The Centurions : Bullwinkle part II

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