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The Berlin Sound : a record that changed my life in 1999…

Dub_TechnoTake a slow, staticky, mind-bending loop repeated over and over for 18+ minutes, filtered through all kinds of effects and presto = 8 = work of genius. There is something about that Chain Reaction/Basic Channel static that just gets me every time- and this is 18 slow, endless endless minutes with it. You have to be in the right mood but it’s really satisfying if you are. Absolutely classic, seminal ’97 material from Torsten Pröfrock. Various Artists was the deliberately obtuse handle for some of Torsten Pröfrock. The earliest bits appeared on Chain Reaction in 1995, and these three classic cuts were issued by Fat Cat in 1997 with subsequent remixes from Autechre, Monolake and Pole. It’s probably fair to call these three original cuts prototypical forms of post-techno, using the same tools as the rest, but using their sounds in a more impressionist, abstracted manner that wasn’t quite ambient music, or dancefloor.

There’s a definite influence from his close Berlin peers Basic Channel, yet the dub influence here is super-cooled to sleeker, planed surfaces and computerised texture. ‘8’ is a blissfully mesmeric ebb and flow of signature metallic chords and impressionistic jungle techno torque with the properties of a supersolid structure taking nearly 20 minutes to fluidly unfold; 8 is molded in the tradition of Conrad Schnitzler’s finest, evolving into some kind of uncertain, experimental dub-tech flux. It’s one of my favourite releases records from that era, and now that it’s available digitally, I strongly recommend putting your attention to it. Just a pure sonic masterpiece. I’ve made a mix on Modyfier process series with that track :

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