Space 7

Already volume 7 of the Space mix series. For each volume I try to reproduce the atmosphere of spacy sounds, although space is devoid of sound itself. The following artists have been put together on this mix : Yagya, ISHQ, Mick Chillage, Robert Rich, Ishqamatic, Donato Dozzy and many more.

You can fin earlier volumes at these links :

Space 6 : Funky_jeff – Space-6
Space 5 : Funky_jeff – Space-5
Space 4 : Funky_jeff – Space-4-2
Space 3 : Funky_jeff – Space-3

  1. Brunotto
    September 2, 2015 at 9:14 am

    Another briliant space mix from you. On soundcloud you asked how i discovered you. If I remember correctly the way of finding you, your blog and your mixes on soundcloud goes like this. On norwegian national radio (NRK P3) there`s a weekly musicprogram with norwegian host named dj friendly. I listen to many of his programs and some years ago he played Yagya. I imediately serched on soundcloud and found gold. And there among the search results i found Rekall. A little investigation soon led me to Funky Jeff and eventually to your blog. I really like very much of your mixes, and for me totally unkown artists and their music. I wish I had more time to explore myself, but hey I don`t have to when you pick much of the gold out there. I have otherwise been a fan of geir jenssen aka Biosphere a long time though, and I like many other genres of music to. I especially appreciate your DubTeck 4 mix. But again with two active sons in football, swimming and cross country skiing, and all the logistics, administration and work for me, the time to dwell, explore and search for music on the outside of mainstram artists just dont excists 🙂 Thanks for all your good work and contribution of presenting qualitymusic beyond the billboardlists and very commercialised mainstream hitmakers. ( But I must admit that I also can enjoy some of the mainstram big hits; I mean I can not dislike mark ronson and bruno mars – uptown funk as an example )

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