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Tribute to Drexiya and Detroit electro

Drexciya were James Stinson and Gerald Donald. In keeping in touch with techno’s ethos and true essence, they remained hidden behind their alias for much of the group’s existence. Communication were rather broadcasts through a mythology arc of Drexciyans alias. Deeply influenced by underwater dwellers and deep sea bubbles. There will be no tracklisting for obvious reasons [tracks are hidden under the sea, hence the diver who’s searching for them…] 🙂 Rip James Stinson – 1969-2002. In the mean time, here’s 5 tracks on the mix with a YouTube link and a little description.

    1. Drexciya : Davey Jones locker
      Davey Jones locker was on the compilation True people : The Detroit techno album, for me it’s the best Drexciya track and sums up its mystique. Black sea and Hydro theory are also HUGE electro tracks.
    2. Elecktroids : Japanese electronics
      Elecktroids, one of the most sought after vinyls on Warp, is a classic album release in 1995 that combines Kraftwerk’s musings with a modern-day electro retro futuristic approach. Way ahead of its time.
    3. Dopplereffekt : Cellular phone
      Perhaps was one of the most know outfits of electro in Detroit, Dopplereffekt was in fact, Gerald Stinson alone, without James Stinson. They (he records with singers including one female) : this has a kraftwerkian feeling of pocket calculator somehow.
    4. Transllusion : Dimensional glide
      A side project by James Stinson released in 2001. Very beat driven with awesome synth interplay between the rythms and the melodies. Repressed by Tresor in 2014.
    5. Der Zyklus : Formentverwandler (Shapeshifter)
      Released in 2001, at the peak of the Electroclash movement, Formenverwandler packs a simple but really addictive melody. The chord progression with the spoken words makes it a terrific electro cut. ‘I’m shapeshifting from place to place/bending time/curving space’!
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