Dub tech vol. 05

Here is my 5 th volume of my Dub techno mixes by also mixed with Deep house, deep techno and tech house. It’s probably going to be my last volume as there is a lot of crate digging involved and it’s a very time consuming exercice, dub-tech being such an underground movement. You may want to check Advanced dreams music on Bandcamp as they are absolute genius of ambient/dub/techno in my opinion. Brand new discoveries include BT-Gate X-138 aka Boreal taiga from Norway. Alex Humann too : on Soundcloud and on his blog. From what movie is the intro, can you guess ?

Full tracklisting :

====> Intro from a cult movie <=====
1) Slownoise : Fabia
2) Alex Humann : Visionen
3) Advanced dreams : Long Squares Of The Fields (Yuri Gagarin Edit)
4) Yagya : Sleepygirl 2
5) BT Gate X-138 : We Drive Murmansk
6) Yagya : Sleepygirl 1
7) Dubaptism : D#1.1
8) Monolake : Fragile
9) Donato Dozzy & Brando Lupi – Liquid
10) Dubaptism – D#1.2 (havantepe Remix)
11) Atom TM: Riding the Void (Scubas Pulse Mix)
12) Lando : Kimono
13) In Aeternam Vale : Ultrabase
14) Traumprinz : I Gave My Life
15) Grad_U : Sunset I
16) Joachim Spieth – Dark Matter (D. Diggler Remix)
17) Theorem – Cinder
18) Swayzak – Slave to the hard drive
19) Mike Parker & Donato Dozzy – Fullonica Di Stephanus
20) Substance & Vainqueur : Reverberate
21) Heavenchord : Babylon techno rocker
22) Max Cooper : Ripple
23) Riley Reinhold – Lights In My Eyes
24) Alessandro Crimi – Photosynthese
25) Yagya – The North Shore

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