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Psy-chill mix

November 21, 2016 Leave a comment

Psy-chill or psy-bient is often associated with psytrance but the genre offers a plethora of downtempo and chilled ambient. Here’s some tracks I picked and made a lil’ improvised mix with them. Very smooth throught! May the chill be with you !

1) Scann-Tec – Live at Nuit Hypnotique
2) Scann-Tec – Turgenev
3) Carbon Based Lifeforms – Abiogenesis
4) Scann-Tec ‎ – Parsec
5) Shulman – first came the stars (Bluetech remix)
6) Man With No Name – Azymuth
7) Jirah – Disconnect
8) Aes Dana – 101 Clouds
9) Scann-Tec ‎ Quantum Evo
10) Scann-Tec ‎ Svet
11) Aes Dana – Riven
12) Eastern Spirit – Under Water (Part One)
13) Nuclear Ramjet – Folding time
14) Nordlight – Eyjafjallajökull


New ambient mix and overlooked / underrated ambient artists

November 5, 2016 2 comments


Third volume of drone-ish mix Music for Spaceports. A dreamy voyage in Space. Drones & Space shuttles fly together with this beatless soundtrack.

Music for Spaceports focus more on ambiance and subtle tones than the Space mixes. Headset not included but highly recommended…With tracks from Ishq Qhsi, Robert Rich, Irezumi,  Purl, Fingers in the noise and, Michael Stearns as well as one track from the most recent album of The Orb.

For the occasion, I ll write two small profiles on two ambient producers that needs to gather more attention in my opinion.

The first one is Irezumi aka Manuel Mesdag, who makes deep house music under the moniker Manuel-M. Irezumi’s music is more about a creative process, something that leaves a mark on the skin or deeper, it’s the deepest part of Manuel, his musical asylum to express all his feelings. His Bandcamp page can be found here. His Website here.

Irezumi’s music is more about a creative process, something that leaves a mark on the skin or deeper.It’s the deepest part of Manuel, a sort of dark passenger, a musical asylum to express all his feelings. In 2008, with the help & support from the french label Snowblood, he released his first album “Endurance” which relates the story of the Endurance Expedition (1914-1917) from Ernest Shackleton. The album has been very well received by Ambient Music fans. I was really stunned by the quality of his compositions.

The second one is called SpectrumShift. His profile on Soundcloud can be found here. Currently living in Germany but hailing from the UK, Shaun Rylands makes absolutely gorgeous analog ambient in the vein of producers like Vangelis and Tangerine dream.

As By Eden is a collaboration project of Shaun Rylands and Peter Baldwin, two UK based electronic Musicians/ Producers (Rylo 3 & S. A. Fred respectively). Both are avid fans of old school electronica as typified by Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk.  Shaun and Pete met on Soundcloud and started making ABE tracks in August 2013, releasing “Towards The Setting Sun” a track that took in elements of old school Synth Electronic and IDM/ Glitch. Since then, each track has explored and evolved the sound, though it remains firmly planted somewhere between electronic circa 1976/ ’82 with occasional flurries back and for to something more contemporary!

You can find both artists on this mix but I strongly encourage buying either a physical record, a cd or a Bandcamp release! May the chills be with you!

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