Psy-chill mix

Psy-chill or psy-bient is often associated with psytrance but the genre offers a plethora of downtempo and chilled ambient. Here’s some tracks I picked and made a lil’ improvised mix with them. Very smooth throught! May the chill be with you !

1) Scann-Tec – Live at Nuit Hypnotique
2) Scann-Tec – Turgenev
3) Carbon Based Lifeforms – Abiogenesis
4) Scann-Tec ‎ – Parsec
5) Shulman – first came the stars (Bluetech remix)
6) Man With No Name – Azymuth
7) Jirah – Disconnect
8) Aes Dana – 101 Clouds
9) Scann-Tec ‎ Quantum Evo
10) Scann-Tec ‎ Svet
11) Aes Dana – Riven
12) Eastern Spirit – Under Water (Part One)
13) Nuclear Ramjet – Folding time
14) Nordlight – Eyjafjallajökull

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