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Surfing on AFX Waves – a mix of Aphex twin’s output on Soundcloud

By now, you have probably heard of the enigmatic SoundCloud contributor User18081971 one way or the other. There is no doubt anymore that this is the alias of Aphex Twin, who started the SoundCloud account to upload new (or old?) music of his.

Most of the uploads are, in proper Aphex Twin fashion, hyper conceptual they run the gamut from beatless ambient work, spacey acid trips, to pristine IDM, Detroit-tinged tracks and dark techno. A lot to digest with over 300 tracks. But after browsing through the entire upload catalogue, I have found some incredible gems from the UK master and decided to make a mix out of it. Oh yeah, and the mix is free to download.Dig in and do some window licking !

Thank you user18081971 (Aphex Twin)

Tracklisting here :

  1. Intro + 9 Un chopped F beginning(SAW1)
  2. 07B
  3. 5 just fall asleep
  4. Redcalxslow
  5. 11 early morning clissold
  6. SSNB
  7. 34 ibiza spliff
  8. Ssba
  9. Sams Car
  10. Chink 101
  11. 2 Tone Aphex Twin
  12. Original Chaos
  13. Dance And Play
  14. Afx origTheme
  15. Lannerlog
  16. Mental Telepathy
  17. Bradley Echoes
  18. Glockenspiel TEAC
  19. 5 P.E.
  20. Prncdmc
  21. Kids Beach
  22. African Rhyt
  23. quad rave TEAC
  24. Archponf
  25. P-String
  26. Bicycle Wheel
  27. Sekonda
  28. Mello Punchy
  29. Ach
  30. Japan

Here is a companion to this : a mix of covers I did under Rekall. The mix consists of Aphex Twin covers & remixes made by various artists and independant producers on the great compilation Virtual Urban Aphex – Aphex twin covers & remixes. 


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