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An edit mix of Funky edits…and some fresh!!!!

Unlike remixes, an edit or a re-edit consists is an altered version of a recorded song created by repeating, reordering, or removing sections of the original recording – for example, making a chorus repeat several times in a row, or extending the length of a break section. Like remixes, re-edits are especially common in dance music.

In recent years, people like Dimitri from Paris, Greg Wilson and Todd Terje have made numerous gems while reworking some classic tracks of disco, pop, soul or funk. I ve gathered 10 of my favorite edits below :

1) Dimitri from Paris : Chic : Le Freak

This is hands down, the best edit I ve ever heard. Completely dazzle me everytime I listen to it : keeps the mesmerizing bassline, adds an extra break to mix it up longer and loop it as well, a total revamp of the classic which renders the original completely obselete! Total dancefloor killer :D: Sacré Dimitri!

2) The Reflex : Blondie : Rapture

So many edits of this song exists. Why would this one be ever different ? First of all, pretty much everything this guy releases is completely revamped versions of originals. You Can tell he spends a lot of time in the studio. Greg Wilson had this to say about The Reflex :

The Reflex has recently come to prominence in underground dance circles via his ‘Reflex Revisions’, which are basically remixes as they used to be back in the day (expect, of course, that they’re unofficial), when the remixer worked purely from the original parts, reinterpreting what was recorded on the multitrack, rather than replacing stuff wholesale, or even changing everything so that the original only remains in name, as became the case later down the line when record companies saw the possibility of selling, let’s say, a Techno track to a Hip Hop audience.

Full text here.

This Rapture edit adds a thick layer of bassline. On the repeat button for me it has been for a long time since I discovered it on the Gilles Peterson show!

3) LNTG ( Late night tuff guy) : Diana Ross : Boy u turn me

LNTG is a name to be reckon with on the disco / funk edit scene. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold. I don’t think I can go back to the original after listening to this gem of absolute funkiness! Would you ?

4) DJ Butcher : Marrs – Pump Up The Volume (DJ Butcher Dub)

As the leader of the band recently passed away, I couldn’t pass this one. The original is one HUGE classic dance track that was featured on American psycho ( I’m into murder & execution – I m into merger & acquisition) DJ Butcher here keeps the original while making it more DJ Friendly. Read more about it here.

5) Danny Howells : Donna Summer : I Feel love re-dub

Not really a remix (Patrick Crowley would be hard to beat) but more of an edit, this track needs no presentation and should be in any DJ’s record box. From 2002-2003, an absolute bomb!

6) Nasty Frenchie : Blondie : Heart of glass

I’ve listen to DOZENS of re-edits of this  song and I keep getting back to this one. Adding multi track of her own vocal makes this classic even more funky. Adding a touch of modernity, making it more DJ friendly with a nice chunky break at the end. Get back in 1979!

7) Billy Cobham : Stratus reflex

Another gem by this guy, goes straight to the rhythm section and it’s not bad thing since I always felt the intro was the weak point of the track. Was sampled by Massive attack on their album Blue Lines and the track Safe from harm in 1991.

8) Todd Terje : Roxy music : Love is the drug disco dub

Grace Jones had also made a great version of the track but the Roxy music dub edit features echo, extended bassline and chunky beat. A bloody well executed mix/edit!

9) Groove Is In The Heart • The Reflex Bootsy + Q-Tip Re√ision

Absolutely sick edit of this classic. The extended version gives much more range than the original which was too short to mix. A funky intro and better use of Bootsy Collins’s vocals. Another fine example why The Reflex is in a league of its own!

10) Moondog – Bird’s Lament (Alkalino Reform)

Alkalino is another name/producer to be reckon with. His version of Mellow mellow by Lowrell, sampled on Lately by Massive attack, is also quite gorgeous. However, here he has outdone himself. The Moondog bassline is famous to have been sampled by Mr Scruff on his classic Get a move on. But here we get almost an housy track that keeps the feeling of the original track intact!

Here is a mix I ve done with my favorite edits : perfect for summer nights! From jazz to soul, funk, disco and new wave.

70 minutes of edits – Funky Jeff


1) Intro : Foxy Brown + Dolemite + Black Belt Jones Mashup Blaxploitation
2) Labi Siffre – I Got The (Karim One-O-Nine Edit)
3) Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys – Who Knows (Suonho raw-dub)
4) Kool_The_Gang_-_Summer_Madness_DJ_Butcher_Hip_Cut
5) Camille Yarbrough – Praise You – (Jim Sharp Edit)
6) The O’Jays – For The Love Of Money (Apple Scruffs Edit)
7) Linda Lyndell – What a Man (fdel Mix)
8) The Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman (Bobby Cooper DJ Friendly Re-Edit)
9) Marlena Shaw – California Soul (Bobby Cooper DJ Friendly ReEdit)
10) Blondie – Rapture [The Reflex Re√ision]
11) The Clash – The Magnificent Dance (Pied Piper Dub)
12) Average White band – Pick up the pieces (Pied Piper Remix)
13) Groove Is In The Heart • The Reflex Bootsy + Q-Tip Re√ision
14) Marrs_-_Pump_Up_The_Volume_DJ_Butcher_Dub
15) Talking Heads – Burning Down The House • The Reflex Re√ision
16) Indeep : Last night a DJ Saved my live (Dr Packer’s acid rub)
17) Roxy music – Love is the drug (Todd Terje disco dub)

Tracks used on the mix :…-o-nine-edit


A Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere

January 16, 2011 5 comments

Space Dimension controller is the project of 19 year old Jack Hamill, who has already displayed a prodigious talent for spacey synth-squiggle, a talent that calls to mind with the announcement that was made that the young Irish house prodigy Space Dimension Controller would be collaborating with the equally prodigious and equally young Detroit producer Kyle Hall, it was just as surprising as it was sensible. The two producers have disarmingly similar styles, both rooted in early melodic Detroit house and techno.  The thought of Space Dimension Controller’s noodly melodies is embodied in the title track an anthem of lush neon and soft squelches like acid with all the harshness shaved off. It’s one of those impossibly cool tunes that sounds like classic cars and sunglasses and decadent cityscapes. All of that might sound a little cliche but it’s held down by his unusually great grasp of slippery melodies that slide and spiral out from the impossibly bright core of bass and crisp drums : you can tell a Space Dimension Controller track when you hear one : aversing realms of space funk, cosmic disco and Detroit techno in cosmic expanse, mingling the sensual and the far-out, as would well suit two amorous galactic travelers.

Space Dimension controller : Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere Royal Oak / 2010

The electrocute mix : my first electro mix!

November 24, 2010 1 comment

Here is my first electro mix that consists in a mixture of electroclash sometimes meshed with cosmic disco, detroit techno and quirky electro beats with some serious synth action. I am sometime quite fed up of people ranting that they’re listening to electro when it only refers to electronic music. What kind of electronic music, ambient, electronica, dubstep, breakbeat, house, trance, downtempo or electro? Electro is a genre of electronic music directly influenced by the use of TR-808 and Moog synthesizers. Records in the genre typically feature drum machines and heavy electronic sounding deprived of vocals in general, although if present, they are delivered in a deadpan manner, often through an electronic distortion such as vocoding. Cosmic disco on the other hand is often associated with Italo disco and Prins Thomas, Lindstrom and now especially Tensnake which is featured heavily on this mix 🙂 I will try to put a direct download into Windows media player but please be patient these things are very much time consuming, this mix alone is close to 15 hours of work ! We, fans of electro and electronic music, aren’t we all geeks after all…And electrocuted ?

Electrocute mix

1) Etienne Jaumet : Mental vortex
Daft punk : Tron legacy ( Crydaluv rework )
Urban tribe : Insolitology
Junior boys : Work
Sally Shapiro : Jackie jackie (Junior boys dub)
6) Sally Shapiro : I’ll be by your side
(Tensnake remix)
Tensnake : Moody bang (Original mix)
8 ) Mitsu : Hush
Crystal Castles : Air war
Tensnake : Moody bang ( Ajello mix)
Jackpot : Raggaza
Tres demented : Shez satan
Pimo : Don’t bring me down
Miss Kittin & Hacker : Ray ban
15)  Max Berlin : Elle & moi ( Joakim remix )

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