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Ambient-techno vol. 5

October 15, 2016 Leave a comment

Mixmaster Morris with Aphex twin – 1990’s..

Ambient-techno tribute vol. 5


Hi friends! My new mix on line is smorgasboard of IDM-Ambient-techno and electronica from the 90’s and some more recent ambient as well ! Bit of a spur of the moment mix, with some recent tracks such as the outstanding remix/edit of Rhubarb.


Last volume of this series as I will be busier next year and less time for music! Ambient-techno tribute vol. 5 🙂 With Yagya Mixmaster Morris (Space is the place) Jonah Sharp / Spacetime Continuum Richie Hawtin aka F.U.S.E, Black dog, Move D, LFO aka Gez Varley, FSOL, The KLF, Steve Hillage with Evan Marc from the album Dreamtime submersible (2008), and words from Terence McKenna !

P.-S. : Anybody can guess the hidden track at the beginning ?

Full tracklisting :

1) Irresistible Force : Space is the place (1991)
2) Sequential : The Mission (Live From The Outer Zone – 1993)
3) Spacetime continuum : Pressure (1994)
4) F,U.S.E. : Carocell (1994)
5) Orbital : Semi-detached (1994)
6) Speedy J : Symmetry (Live – 1995)
7) A Positive Life : The calling (1994)
8) The Higher Intelligence Agency : Hubble (1995)
9) The Black Dog : Psil Cosyin (1995)
10) Aphex Twin : Rhubarb (Child Remix)
11) Move D : Amazing Discoveries (1995)
12) Tournesol : Orange planet (1994)
13) Global Communication : Maiden Voyage (Ripperton Edit)
14) Biosphere : Novelty Waves (Biosphere Arctic Mix – 1995)
15) LFO : LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix 1990)
16) 808 State : Pacific 707 (1989)
17)Orbital – Lush 3 (Euro Tunnel Disaster ’94) Walk About (John Peel Sessions 1994)
18)Speedy J – G-Spot (J Spot Mix – 1995)
19) Future Sound of London- Lifeforms (Rigger’s 2014 Wanderer Remix)
20) Jonah Sharp & Fred P – Substance (2011)
21) The KLF – 3 A.M. Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital) [1989]
22)Voices From The Lake – Twins In Virgo (2012)
23) Evan Marc & Steve Hillage : Intention Craft (2008)
24) Dreamfish : Underwater (1993)
25) Yagya : Snowflake 2(2002)
26) Photek : T-reanon (1996)
27) Keiichi Suzuki : Satellite Serenade (Trans Asian Express Mix-1992)
28) Global communication : Epsilon phase (1994)
29) Black dog productions : Pillars & Mirrors (1992)
30) Global Communication – Obselon Minos ( µZiq Remix)
words by Terence Mc Kenna


5 mixes worth checking out on Soundcloud and YouTube

February 12, 2016 Leave a comment


I listen to quite a bit of mixes in addition to making my own for multiple Soundcloud channels. Like everyone, I find good ones, but also, not so memorable ones but I’ve made a little top 5 of mixes I often go back to listen to.

The first mix, is well, a Detroit techno mix, that was recorded by a random guy on vinyl in the mid 90’s. This dudde is probably the most proper DJ I’ve heard in a long time! The days when you needed physical records to mix and beat matching wasn’t a 100 % accurate science. The mix has some technical mistakes but it makes it even more interesting in my opinion. Shame about the no tracklisting but this mix is an absolute gem and a kick ass techno mix. Lots of techno classics in there like : Hi-Tech Jazz by Galaxy 2 Galaxy, then Green velvet Destination Unknown, then it’s Slam – Positive education, a couple of other tracks I was able to ID : X-102 – Intro (X-102), Jeff Mills Step to enchantment, The bells, Cycle30 (A3-loop) again by Mills, Surgeon – Magneze, Dave Clarke – Wisdom To The Wise (Red 2) (Robert Hood Remix), The Advent, Regis, Dave Angel, all in all a throwback party in memory lane, circa 1995 ! One word : WOW ! The Martian – Firekeeper and Nocturbulous Behaviour by Suburban Knight are two Detroit classics that he threw in there. What’s even more impressive is the mix he did between the actual mix and clips from different SF movies.

The clips used are from these movies :

Saturn 3
Space Truckers
Galaxy of Terror
Planet of the Vampires
Battle Beyond the Stars
Forbidden Planet

The second and third mixes are from Cio d’or, a German DJ who’s incredibly talented, and should be more known in my opinion. Real name Cio Dorbandt, she’s uncompromising in the music that she mixes. It’s top notch minimal mostly, but in the Boiler room (a DJ gimmick – DJs that pay to play there – that repulses me by the way, sometimes interesting though…) mix she’s adding quite a lot of melodies on top of 4/4 minimal techno. Absolute mesmerizing mix. The second mix was done in collaboration with Donato Dozzy, the famous and VERY gifted Italian producer also known for his alias Voices from the lake, hailed as the best album on RA in 2012. This mix has a stunning progression but sadly comes without a tracklist. The only tracks I was able to recognize were Dreamfish – Underwater and Monolake – Mass transit railways from the Hong kong album in 1996 on Chain reaction. The third mix on this list is a mix done for the DJ series of DJ Pete aka Substance who works at Hardwax in Berlin. If you read this and don’t know what Hardwax is then a) You’re not knowledgeable in techno or b) you’re new to genre so educate yourself and visit their site! This mix was done by Milton Bradley though, it’s a great journey into electro, old and new. The first four tracks almost gets you in Space, while the rest of the mix is solid.

Last mix is from EDM star Diplo but here in a completely different mode, totally rare groove : soul & funk. Diplo got stoned and mixed really old records for half an hour.  Great mellow psychedelic mix. Jimi Hendrix, Donavan, and Jefferson airplane most notably.

1.Detroit techno Space mix



2. Cio d’or : Boiler Room TV April, 15th 2015

Tracklisting :

1) Cio D´Or _ hecto (sounds) _ Semantica 73Y
2) Plaster _ Libra _ Stroboscopic Artefacts 015
3) Irradiation _ Magnetic Monopole _ Temp Records
4) Martyn Hare _ Unforgiving (Bombardier Rmx) _ K1971
5) Cassegrain _ Distil _ Prologue
6) Moritz von Oswald _ Jam _ Honest Jon´s Records
7) N.d. _ Serial Surroundings (Poly) _ Black String Records
8) Mike Parker _ Ringing Bass _ Prologue
9) Mike Parker _ Polar Vortex _ Mote-Evolver
10) Sleeparchive _ Meson _ zzz
11) Sleeparchive _ Hospital 4 _ zzz
12) Mike Parker _ Currents _ Tsunami Records
13) Mike Parker _ Lustration Eleven (Edit Select Rmx)
_ Prologue
14) Mike Parker _ XavRmx _ unreleased
15) Cio D´Or _ XXXIII _ Semantica 73
16) Planetary Assault System _ The Eyes Themselves
_ Mote-Evolver
17) Heiko Laux _ Souldancer (Ray Kajioka Rmx)
_ Kanzleramt
18) Obtane _ Signs of Kinetic Posession (Mike Parker Rmx _
19) Paul Brtschitsch _ Sightdraft _ Fusion Records
20) Function _ Immolare _ Sandwell District
21) Shifted _ Arrangement in Monochrome _ Avianmusic
22) Cio D´Or _ tomorrow was yesterday _ Semantica 73
23) Cio D´Or _ XLIV for Mike _ Semantica 73

3. Cio DOr and Donato Dozzy–J

4.Milton Bradley : wax_treatment_podcast_035 

(Right click to save on your computer)


5. Diplo : got stoned and mixed really old records for half an hour

0:00 The Freak Scene-Grok!

1:36 The Dutch Rhythm & Steel Show Band-Down By The River (Neil Young Cover)

3:55 Donovan-Get Thy Bearings

5:45 The Common People-Soon There’ll Be Thunder

7:55 Jimi Hendrix-Hey Baby

12:45 Dorothy Ashby-For Some We Loved

16:30 Rotary Collection-I Am The Black Gold of the Sun (Hey Love)

20:31 ???-???

23:00 US69-2069 (A Spaced Oddity)

28:00 Jefferson Airplane-Today

31:00 United States of America-Cloud Song

34:00 New Live Trio-Empty Streets



Tribute to Drexiya and Detroit electro

December 11, 2015 Leave a comment

Drexciya were James Stinson and Gerald Donald. In keeping in touch with techno’s ethos and true essence, they remained hidden behind their alias for much of the group’s existence. Communication were rather broadcasts through a mythology arc of Drexciyans alias. Deeply influenced by underwater dwellers and deep sea bubbles. There will be no tracklisting for obvious reasons [tracks are hidden under the sea, hence the diver who’s searching for them…] 🙂 Rip James Stinson – 1969-2002. In the mean time, here’s 5 tracks on the mix with a YouTube link and a little description.

    1. Drexciya : Davey Jones locker
      Davey Jones locker was on the compilation True people : The Detroit techno album, for me it’s the best Drexciya track and sums up its mystique. Black sea and Hydro theory are also HUGE electro tracks.
    2. Elecktroids : Japanese electronics
      Elecktroids, one of the most sought after vinyls on Warp, is a classic album release in 1995 that combines Kraftwerk’s musings with a modern-day electro retro futuristic approach. Way ahead of its time.
    3. Dopplereffekt : Cellular phone
      Perhaps was one of the most know outfits of electro in Detroit, Dopplereffekt was in fact, Gerald Stinson alone, without James Stinson. They (he records with singers including one female) : this has a kraftwerkian feeling of pocket calculator somehow.
    4. Transllusion : Dimensional glide
      A side project by James Stinson released in 2001. Very beat driven with awesome synth interplay between the rythms and the melodies. Repressed by Tresor in 2014.
    5. Der Zyklus : Formentverwandler (Shapeshifter)
      Released in 2001, at the peak of the Electroclash movement, Formenverwandler packs a simple but really addictive melody. The chord progression with the spoken words makes it a terrific electro cut. ‘I’m shapeshifting from place to place/bending time/curving space’!
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