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Ambient-techno vol. 5

October 15, 2016 Leave a comment

Mixmaster Morris with Aphex twin – 1990’s..

Ambient-techno tribute vol. 5


Hi friends! My new mix on line is smorgasboard of IDM-Ambient-techno and electronica from the 90’s and some more recent ambient as well ! Bit of a spur of the moment mix, with some recent tracks such as the outstanding remix/edit of Rhubarb.


Last volume of this series as I will be busier next year and less time for music! Ambient-techno tribute vol. 5 🙂 With Yagya Mixmaster Morris (Space is the place) Jonah Sharp / Spacetime Continuum Richie Hawtin aka F.U.S.E, Black dog, Move D, LFO aka Gez Varley, FSOL, The KLF, Steve Hillage with Evan Marc from the album Dreamtime submersible (2008), and words from Terence McKenna !

P.-S. : Anybody can guess the hidden track at the beginning ?

Full tracklisting :

1) Irresistible Force : Space is the place (1991)
2) Sequential : The Mission (Live From The Outer Zone – 1993)
3) Spacetime continuum : Pressure (1994)
4) F,U.S.E. : Carocell (1994)
5) Orbital : Semi-detached (1994)
6) Speedy J : Symmetry (Live – 1995)
7) A Positive Life : The calling (1994)
8) The Higher Intelligence Agency : Hubble (1995)
9) The Black Dog : Psil Cosyin (1995)
10) Aphex Twin : Rhubarb (Child Remix)
11) Move D : Amazing Discoveries (1995)
12) Tournesol : Orange planet (1994)
13) Global Communication : Maiden Voyage (Ripperton Edit)
14) Biosphere : Novelty Waves (Biosphere Arctic Mix – 1995)
15) LFO : LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix 1990)
16) 808 State : Pacific 707 (1989)
17)Orbital – Lush 3 (Euro Tunnel Disaster ’94) Walk About (John Peel Sessions 1994)
18)Speedy J – G-Spot (J Spot Mix – 1995)
19) Future Sound of London- Lifeforms (Rigger’s 2014 Wanderer Remix)
20) Jonah Sharp & Fred P – Substance (2011)
21) The KLF – 3 A.M. Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital) [1989]
22)Voices From The Lake – Twins In Virgo (2012)
23) Evan Marc & Steve Hillage : Intention Craft (2008)
24) Dreamfish : Underwater (1993)
25) Yagya : Snowflake 2(2002)
26) Photek : T-reanon (1996)
27) Keiichi Suzuki : Satellite Serenade (Trans Asian Express Mix-1992)
28) Global communication : Epsilon phase (1994)
29) Black dog productions : Pillars & Mirrors (1992)
30) Global Communication – Obselon Minos ( µZiq Remix)
words by Terence Mc Kenna

Global communication tribute

January 23, 2015 Leave a comment

Global Communication is an electronic music act, comprising of Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. Their first LP, 76:14, is an acclaimed album from the ambient and 1990s electronic music genre. Beyond their work as Global Communication, they have also recorded as Jedi Knights, Secret Ingredients, The Chameleon, Link & E621 and Reload. They have done remixes for various artists under each of their aliases, including a 1993 Reload remix of “On” by Aphex Twin and a 1997. Needless to say that in the ambient field, 76 : 14 is heralded as one of the most important ambient albums of all time along Substrata, Chill out, Silence and Dreamfish to name just a few. But Reload is also a seminal IDM album, Jedi Knights was their electro moniker, and Chameleon released Links in 1996 on GLR. Now seperated, the pair has also released two remixes albums worthy of listening : Pentamerous Metamorphosis  from Chapterhouse. The other album is Remotion is a 1996 ambient music album by Global Communication. Originally released on Dedicated, the album has been re-issued a number of times. Nav Katze and Warp 69 were especially highlights of the 90’s ambient techno.

To me, Global communication were just as important as The Orb, but just not as much hyped. Hope that this mix will help bring them back at the forefront of the ambient scene! I have some of the samples they pick from movies such as THX 1138 : “1642 Try 621” samples the linesand the lines “1642.” and “Try 621.” The mix ends with a quote by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in the movie The Abyss : ”There is something down there! Something not us.” “Not human. Something non-human, but intelligent…” Perhaps it is how we could describe the music of Global communication ? I’ll let you figure it out for yourself.

Ambient-techno vol IV

November 16, 2014 Leave a comment

Here is my last mix on Soundcloud, my last ambient-techno tribute mix, and the very last one I’ll be doing, With a rest of on Mixcloud, it contains the likes of Mixmaster Morris aka The Irresistible force, David Morley, Gescom aka Autechre, Speedy J, Orbital, Photek, Vapourspace & Claude Young. Its companion on Mixcloud has Sandoz, Gas, and µZiq.

– Trust : Microglobe by Mijk Van Dijk was featured on the compilation Trance Europe Express 2, and has a vocal sample from the movie The Abyss. (”You have to look with better eyes)

– Ethereal murmurings by µZiq is quite simply a stunning piece of music. Released in 1994, the best year in eletronic music in my opinion with SAW2 and Global communication’s 76:14.

– Gas Microscopic is not Wolfgang Voigt but Mat P Jarvis aka High skies his album was released in 1995.

– James Bernard’s Phosphorous on Atmospherics, also released in 1994 on Rising high is too underated.

– This is the type of music I’d like to hear in heaven maybe?


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