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LCD Soundsystem going space cadet with Theo Parrish

45:33 is a composition by LCD Soundsystem, commissioned by Nike, an original work initially available exclusively at Nike Music Store on I : Tunes. In september 2009 saw the release of an eight track remix CD single. The publicity for 45:33 described it as being designed to accompany jogging workouts, “to reward and push at good intervals of a run.” An early statement detailed that the composition had been refined after several runs on the treadmil; : James Murphy, leader of LCD, later admitted that this was entirely a lie on his part, and that he does not actually jog. He stated that he wanted to make a long-form record like E2-E4 by Manuel Göttsching and used the opportunity provided by Nike to do it. The artwork of 45:33 also resembles that of Göttsching’s work.

Parts of 45:33 were later used on the album Sound of silver in particular the track “Someone Great”, which appears on 45:33 as an instrumental section later distinguished as track 3. The complete track was also released for registered Nike+ users in late March 2007 as a gift of appreciation when Nike+ logged its 10 millionth mile. However, nothing can compete with the special delivery that DFA got from Detroit when Theo Parrish snail-mailed his Space Cadet Remix; it will undoubtedly prove to be the most celebrated remix of 2009. Its legend was immense before it was even released. Theo Parrish produces perhaps the most remarkable mix, laying the vocal over sliced-n-diced jazzy house grooves that lope and tumble over one another with drunken glee. While this collection may not be a revelation to those who already fell in love with the original, it’s still worth hearing the material get some fresh air after four years, a nice little stopgap until LCD delivers another masterpiece…

LCD Soundsystem : 45:33 (Theo Parrish’s Space Cadet Remix) [DFA Records]


Monday chilled track with Massive attack remixed by Gui Boratto

April 12, 2010 4 comments

Born in 1974 in São Paulo Brazil, Gui Boratto, architect, musician, composer and producer initiated his career in the advertising sector in 1993. From 1994 until 2004 he performed various works for countless record labels both national and international, such as EMI, Virgin, Irma, BMG, Edel, Vidisco, ZYX, among others. From 2005 he began to dedicate himself to his own productions and compositions, displaying to the public an authoral and more personalized side to his abilities. With countless licenses with respected European labels, such as Plastic City, Circle, Kompakt, Audiomatique, among others, Gui Boratto has managed to appear in the chart and playlists of people like Michael Mayer, Tiefschwarz, Steve Bug, Phonique, Martin Landsky, Hernan Cattaneo, among others. Paradise circus is an EP taken from the album Heligoland. In his remix, he keeps the haunting, elegiac piano and Hope Sandoval’s smoky murmurs, then adds a Peter Hook, gloomy bass, which echoes out over added darkly delicious piano breaks, and sounds of Bernard Sumner-esque guitar. It’s not really downtempo, nor ambient, instead he preserved the vibe of the original, the structure and the harmony with a chopped beat pattern. After doing some programming, he just decided to record some bass and tremolo guitars (With The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen as inflences) with the pulse that kept on going. A very unique remix, that feels very compelling. The resulting atmosphere is quite dark with a spooky chilled vibe…

Massive attack : Paradise Circus (2010 : Gui Boratto Remix)

A new single from Trentemøller, and exciting news for 2010…

April 8, 2010 1 comment
The Danish producer has announced further details concerning his second album. It’s going to be released in june. I can’t even describe how excited I am of this news. I’ve been listening to the Last resort to death for the last 5 years. I don’t think there’s been one week that went on in which I did not listen to anything by Trentemøller.If the first single, released a few days ago, and called “Sycamore feeling” is any indication of what to expect, then his forthcoming album is going to be nothing short of a masterpiece. Yesterday, as I was listening to his new song and all the remix on the EP, something quite rare happened : it grew on me from the get go. Normally, when something more electronica gets into my shuffle it takes a few listens, but this one blew me right away. When I heard those spaghetti western guitar again à la Ennio Morricone which grabbed me again and made me thinking oh no he did again…It kinda sounds like his song  The Very Last Resort which is my all time favorite song of the last few years as you remember I’ve mixed it the Winter mix I kept thinking, how should I describe it ? New order meets glitch ? Islandic pop à la Sigur ros meets classical music ? I think it’s time to stop comparing Trentemøller to anything from the 80’s or the 90’s whether it’s my bloody valentine, or else. This artist has a sound of his own and this time it sounds a lot more pop and organic. It may have pop elements with the vocal, but this time the electronics are very low key and a wonderful bassline makes the whole very live, and the drums too. His next record will also see him experimenting in organic and analog textures in contrast to the crisp, digital outlook that made him famous on his debut, The Last Resort. Now I am wondering, what do I expect the most in 2010 : the Lost final episode in may or Trentemøller’s new album ?

Trentemøller – Sycamore Feeling – radio edit [In my room : 2010 EP]

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