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Electrocute & Ambient-techno tribute vol. 3

November 11, 2013 1 comment

Hi folks,

it’s been awhile since I posted here. I completely forgot to come back…I was stunned by Breaking bad’s ending, I’m still in awe of many things be it music, films and so on but too little time to chat about it..My Germans friends, such as Brian and Ivo convinced me to do a Krautrock sequel to the first mix, so I’ve been busy digging vinyls and rare gems from the 70’s ! But I also finally finished the 3rd volume dedicated to the 90’s era of ambient techno and such acts like Leftfield, LFO, Plastikman (Early Plus8), and so on. So here it is, I guess I’ll be back for more later! Until then keep digging music, and on wax if possible ūüėÄ

To be forgiven, I’ve made an electro mix, I was just playing around with Digital animal by Honey Claws which played on Breaking bad, and I just improvised the whole thing on CD as I don’t even own Traktor (yet!) nor a laptop nor most of these records on vinyl (sadly)…I hope you guys enjoy, it’s sort of a mixture of synth-pop, nu-disco, electro-pop and techno, and things heats up towards the end with Freak by L.F.O. which was used in Gaspar No√©’s film ”Enter the void’‘! I don’t think this record ever left my bag since I got my mitts on it in 2003, pure techno bliss by Mark Bell..And an outstanding video too!

I would like to thank the store in Chinatown where I bought an energy drink which tastes like meh but gives a whole lot of energy ( :


Get your BMX bikes ready for This is not the 80’s Vol. 2 !

February 6, 2011 Leave a comment

This is my second volume to the series This is not the 80’s dedicated to new wave music, electro boogie or industrial. You’ll noticed different tracks, from the neo romantics Visage, to Nitzer Ebb, Ministry and even the Rocksteady crew, one of the oldest breakdancing crews of New York city ! You can download it on Soundcloud on my personnal page there. As well as other mixes that will be featured on the page very soon. Here is the tracklisting :

This is not the 80’s vol. 2 ;
Vous êtes un tocard Mc Fly!
Indochine : le 3 ème sexe
killing joke : Love like blood
Gary Numan : Films
Visage : Fade to grey
Ministry : Everyday is halloween
Front 242 : Take one
8 ) Herbie Hancock : Rock it
Rock steady crew : Hey you
Ronald Reagan speech about the challenger shuttle
11) M
ichael Jackson : Thriller ooft music phazed edit
Nitzer ebb : Let your body learn 12 inch mix
New order : The beach
Depeche mode : Behind the wheel vocal megamix
15) T
he Smiths : How soon is now ?
16) Art of noise : Moments in love (beaten)

The birth of dance music…and my top 1 record

March 4, 2010 1 comment

Blue Monday is a dance song recorded in 1982 and originally released as a single in 1983 by British band New order. It was later remixed in 1988 and 1995. At nearly seven-and-a-half minutes, it is one of the longest tracks ever to chart in the UK. It has been cited as the biggest selling 12 inch all time by the band and in the film 24 Hour Party People. The song begins with a distinctive kick drum intro, programmed on an Oberheim DMX drum machine. Blue Monday is often seen as one of the most important crossover tracks of the 1980s pop music scene. Synthpop had been a major force in British popular music for several years, but Blue Monday was arguably the first British dance record to exhibit an obvious influence from the New York club scene, particularly the work of producers like Arthur Baker. According to singer Bernard Summer, it was influenced by 4 songs :

1) The arrangement came from Klein + M.B.O. “Dirty talk”.
2) The signature bassline came from Sylvester’s disco classic “You make me feel (Mighty real)
3) The housy beat came from Donna Summer and her song “Our love”
4) And the long keyboard pad on the intro was sampled from the Kraftwerk song Uranium, from the Radio-activity.

Key to the track’s success was its ability to crossover into multiple scenes and club communities. Its ubiquity directly influenced the evolution of 80s synthpop dance music and left its legacy firmly in the hands of Djs and musicians : rarely will you see a track being played by nostalgic of the 80s, rock fans, pop fans, house heads and hardcore fans of trance as it’s been remixed by Hardfloor in 1995. Blue monday didn’t invent anything but upgraded the sounds of Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk.

This record was the start of the Hi Energy style and probably the beginning of dance music as it is today. Perhaps what’s even more impressive is how that record was made. Bernard Summer was talking about this tune in an interview, telling that it was actually made in an old mixing desk, without any automation and with old analogue FX machines. Which meant they had to do everything manually. Here is what a clubber in Hacienda who heard the record in 1984 had to say : ” From the very first moment I heard Blue Monday, I knew something really really BIG will happen. And indeed, this track took me light years away from what I was hearing before, ¬†just like it took New Order light years away from the ashes of Joy Division.”

Today, it still is a dancefloor kick ass number :¬†¬†nowadays, after 25 years of existence, a lot of the younger clubbers aren’t aware of the original release date and it blows them away when they realise that often the track is older than themselves. When it came out this track was groundbreaking. It’s surgical use of synth driven bass lines, beats, and melodies hadn’t been used quite like this before¬†; to produce an emotional complexity rarely matched in our era.¬†A true and eternal masterpiece and will definitely be part of the ten records I’d take with me to a remote island…

New Order : Blue Monday [ Factory records : 1982 ]

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