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Plastikman / F.U.S.E. tribute

October 12, 2015 Leave a comment

plastikPlastikman. Richie Hawtin. The DJ and the producer have both been important in the developpement of electronic music, techno and dance music in general. While he may not be as relevant as he was 15 years ago, his back catalog, namely with Consumed, offers plenty of classics either with Musik, Sheet one or Consumed. The heavy deep bass and slow movements creep up to you like slow moving light in a black hole. You almost feel self absorbed in each tracks. I would call it claustrophobic techno. A truly unique and deeply engaging album which (depending on what you’re on) creates a steady and consistent atmosphere that is impossible to escape. Dark, minimal, but most of all insular in design, this work remains a timeless and almost genre-less ode to the relationship of music and audio-visual inner perception, boasting a near surreal paradox of a disconnected intimacy that is open to interpretation. This DJ tribute offers some classic Plastikman as well as F.U.S.E. (Further Underground Sound Experiments) Lots of stuff from the days of Plus8!

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