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Top 5 mixes on Soundcloud of the moment

1) Moskwa – atmoteka 5.2

ASC – Focus Inwards | NonPlus
Silent Dust – Marlowe (Brother Remix) | None60
Bop + Synkro – Blurred Memories | Med School
Hatti Vatti + Es.tereo – Forgotten Scores | Absys
Electrosoul System – Mystica | Kos.Mos
Future Engineers – Bionics (Electrosoul System Remix) | Kos.Mos
Sunchase + Dissident – Lapdance | Drone Audio
Bert H – Fly With Me (Bop Remix) | Fokuz
Triad + MC Fava – Aftermath | Deep Soul Music
Nummix – Snake Charmer | Kos.Mos
Electrosoul System – Forester’s Magic Shack (Nummix Remix) | Kos.Mos
Blu Mar Ten + Robert Manos + Yosebu – Thin Air | BMT Music
Parhelia – Is It A Hologram ? | Scientific
MACCA – Take It Back | Fokuz
Parhelia – And It Rained Moths | Omni Music
Electrosoul System – With You | Innerground

A great smooth drum and bass mix, very chilled and soothing. Perfect for a train ride.

2) Madmotormiquel – HOW I MET THE BASS #43

N.W.A., deep house, Booka Shade and Seelenluft – Manila (Ewan Pearson Mix) which was on Sander Kleinenberg’s Everybody. This mix has indeed a lot of bass!


00:00 Transmission (Environments) Intro
00:52 EarthBeat Computer
01:23 Klaus Schulze – Ancient Ambience (Gothic Ground) (1992)
02:28 The Future Sound of London – Cascade environments (1993)
03:26 Unknown
04:40 Air Liquide – Sun Progress (1992)
06:50 Morganistic – In The Shadow (1992)
11:59 Unknown
14:31 White Noise – The Visitation (1969)
15:26 Rabbit in The Moon – Dubassex (1993)
20:15 MAD. DOC. – Entrance [played at 33rpm] (1993)
22:54 Yann Tomita – Beyond The Blue Star Zone Part 1 (1992)
23:18 Phil Thornton – Colonade (The Summoning) (1983)
24:06 Yanka Rupkina & Stoyan Velichkov – Mari Maro (circa 1972)
24:28 Unknown
26:05 Aphex Twin – Schottkey 7th Path – (Apollo, 1992)
29:05 Unknown
29:58 End (of Part 1)

Radio 1 Essential Mix ’93 (Part 2) [59:03]
00:00 Environments intro
01:06 Sad World – Treasury (1993)
03:28 Unknown
05:07 Neuro # Project – Wizard of The Four Winds (1993)
08:14 The Future Sound of London – Room 208 (unreleased until 1994)
09:50 Stephan Micus – The Song of Danijar (1978)
10:35 Paul Weller – Kosmos (SX Dub 2000) (unreleased until 1994)
14:58 Zuvuya – Grabbing Nandi by The Horns (Pan’s Pineal Mix) (1993)
15:22 Fedor Tau – Steppe Kargiraa (1990)
17:52 The Orb – Blue Room (1992)
19:26 Unknown
20:07 Vapour Space – Gravitational Arch of 10 (Telepathic Variation 1.3) (1993)
20:57 Hypnopedia – Spectral (1992)
22:02 House Hallucinates – Prisoners of Ecstasy [slowed down 60%+] (1992)
26:50 John A. Glover-Kind – I Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside (1907)
27:27 Unknown
27:46 Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz – Tear (1986)
28:26 Transglobal Underground – El Heddud (1993)
28:56 Axis – 13th Floor (1993)
31:32 Unknown
32:08 UVX – Elevator (13 Floor Spectrum) [Snippet] (1992)
32:28 Unknown
33:49 Amorphous Androgynous – Mountain Goat (1993)
37:41 Throbbing Gristle – Hometime (1978)
38:15 The Future Sound of London – Cerebral (unreleased until 1994)
40:53 Tangerine Dream – Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto) (1985)
43:34 Tangerine Dream – Breakout (1993)
44:54 Banco De Gaia – Shanti (Soupdragon Mix) (1993)
49:02 The Future Sound of London – Vit (unreleased until 1994)
52:59 The Future Sound of London – Lifeforms (unreleased until 1994)
57:54 The Future Sound of London – Bird Wings (unreleased until 1994)
59:03 End (of Part 2)

Radio 1 Essential Mix ’93 (Part 3) [29:04]
00:00 Environments intro (Predator samples)
01:00 The Space Cadets – Stotinki (Transglobal Underground Mix) (1993)
05:32 Sound Clash Republic – One Monitor Shy (Part 2) (1993)
09:06 Reload – 1642 Try 621 (1993)
11:01 The Future Sound of London – Cascade (Shortform) (1993)
12:16 Tim Mathieson / John Stephenson / Michael Road – 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Part 1) (1965)
13:01 Coldcut – Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Remix) (1993)
18:50 Unknown
20:15 Unknown
21:52 UVX – Elevator (13 Floor Spectrum) (1992)
22:44 Unknown
23:42 Titanic – Space Cow (1993)
27:12 Unknown
28:12 The Future Sound of London – Vit environments (unreleased until 1994)
29:05 End

The first of two mixes created for Pete Tong’s Essential Mix. Transmitted on Radio 1 FM. Created by The Future Sound of London. Made at Earthbeat Studios in London 1993. Engineered by Yage. A tracklist released at the time credited the FSOL samples between tracks – many of which ended up on Lifeforms – as simply ‘Amorphous Androgynous – Environment’. Here only the known titled tracks are featured. The tracklist also credited a place for ‘Hymn To Us’ by TransGlobal Underground, which is not present on the transmission (but explains the currently unknown track at 22 minutes). Further on in the tracklist, other missing pieces, The Cauldron by Third Ear Band and Circles by KPM Foundation are also given in that released tracklist.

4) Cio dor – Modyfier – process part 069

01. planetary assault system – the dream [peacefrog]
02. planetary assault system – the electric funk machine [peacefrog]
03. m.parker/d.dozzy – excavations [donato dozzy records]
04. riley reinhold – lights in my eyes [mbf]
05. function isolation – isotope [sandwell district]
06. d.dozzy/m.parker – excavations [donato dozzy records]
07. imek – elirios [apnea]
08. max cavalerra – der weg zur sonne [karmarouge]
09. mike parker – light&dark part 4 [ld004]
10. minilogue – space ep [traum]
11. dj galax – ruido & colorismo [cara]
12. jens zimmermann – blub [international freakshow]
13. cio d´or – psst! [motoguzzi]
14. marc romboy vs. stephan bodzin – puck [herzblut]
15. planetary assault system – the dream [peacefrog]

5) N.O.W. – Boiler room London set.

This gem of a mix exudes a soulful, graceful ambience from the get go. While the selections are generally older picks (from disco to funk to hip-hop to Motown and back again) everything is intelligently remodelled with a confident, futuristic ambition. Nightmares on Wax performs dreamlike transitions to build a solid, suave groove, and then the tunes begin to jump out. It’s game over by the time he unleashes the Diana Ross classic ‘It’s My House’. If you still need convincing, it also features a delicious reworking of Janet Jackson’s ‘If’ that sounds like Jessy Lanza covering Prince.


0:00 Sylvia Robinson – Sweet Stuff 4:02
0:15 The Groovers – Where You Belong
6:35 Nightmares on Wax – Be, I Do(The Plantyherbs Remix)
9:11 Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Straight Up
13:48 Quadron – LFT (Leighton Hema edit)
21:22 Nautilis – Nautilus 24:50
Diana Ross – It’s My House (12″ Remix)
28:50 YSE Saint Laur’ant – Warm Wind Brewing
32:34 Nightmares on Wax – Now Is The Time
37:00 Wetty Bright – Slip & Do It (V Feels So Good edit)
41:22 Ray Parker Jr. – Just Havin’ Fun (Hober Mallow Edit)
47:25 Typesun – Last Home (Dj Nature Remix)
50:27 Chromeo x Joe Bataan x Boz Scaggs – Hot Mess (Lowdown Party Mix)
55:35 Janet Jackson – If (Kaytranada Remix)
1:01:08 Mofongo Boogaloo Descarga- Funk Ferret
1:05:50 Berimbau- Dario & Dersu
1:12:00 Alma Negra – Mao Negra
1:17:00 NIghtmares on Wax – Tapestry
1:20:55 Titeknots – Wordy


Dub & Techno mixes…

Hi fellas, just a quick tid bit to let you know I m still alive but more blogging about movies & TV series nowadays. Nonetheless, here are two mixes I made this winter. The 3 rd volume to minimal dub techno and a podcast for Rolandson’s Seaside series, a great german podcast series, in case you’ve never heard of it.


Best of 2013, top 5 albums

December 8, 2013 Leave a comment

James_holdenMy favorite albums from 2013 :

1) Jon Hopkins : Immunity / Domino

Wrecked havoc in Montreal at Mutek. A complete sonic experiment as good for the head as it is for the feet. A future classic and overwhelming experience! I was seduced by Collider straight from the first listen,  rough yet genuinely accurate production blended with repeating vocal snippet result in pure 9 minutes technoish power in the massive track Collider. This is music that we, techno heads crave nowadays.. A tour de force, full of emotions and frequencies that is relentless. You should allow your mind to absorb and to feel the cycling beauty passing through. Last summer when I was working with grass-cutter for hours, I used to use it as a natural sound energizer, listening to it with earplug headphones. A couple of standouts tracks like open eye signal and the best vinyl pressing of 2013.  Abandon Window is a beautiful ambient piano piece reminiscent of previous albums, and of course the stunning album opener from my podcast below.

2) Holden : The Inheritors / Border community

Wellcome return to form after a dissapointing DJ Kicks for Mr James Holden. It’s not music for the simple minded, it takes a few listens, but once you’re sucked into the experience, what a trip it is! A definetly much better endeavor than the first Album “The idiots are winning” , this one brings more soundscapes but with amazing depth and layers and good coherence. The musical production evokes nocturn atmospheres in rural places with massive forests and stone buildings where the only lights come from fireplaces and torches. This is like an epic soundtrack, with dark, emotional and relaxing tunes.

3) Boards of Canada : Tomorrow’s Harvest / Warp

I ll admit it, I had given up on both BOC and Warp records. But only fools do not change their minds! Tomorrow’s Harvest is a grower. An album that takes a few listens…More than 10 actually for me. But now the aural beauty of Sundown is just stuck in my head…What’s the point of recreating an album of more of the same ? MHTRTC is a thing of the past and this album keeps some of the old synth pads from it but yet with a darker sound and grim approach. I applaud them for always trying something new and not a rehash. With that said it is always a joy to listen to anything made by them. I have collected and listened to all of BOC since 1998. As for this album I actually really like it. I am a fan of ambient and darker sounds. I feel like this is another excellent chapter in their music with this release. With songs like “Reach for the dead” and “Sundown” and ”Split your infinities”.

4) Horror inc. : Briefly eternal / Perlon

Now that’s a surprise. Both in terms of form, musical content and moniker used (Instead of Akufen)…This album has amazing production values and reminds me of Marc Moulin’s Tohubohu from 1975. A fusion of jazz, house and downtempo beats but with a lot of delicate attention to details and especially sounds before sounds. Similar to Matthew Herbert’s Bodily function perhaps ? But not tedious jazz-house mind you. Rather, the atmosphere is very aberrant, warm sounds of guitar are correlated with post-romantic, almost nocturnal pieces, which gives outstanding results. Every track is full of emotions wherein I can really find myself drifting into them.

5 ) Atom tm : HD / Raster-Norton

Uwe Schmidt aka Atom heart aka Senor coconut is also know as Atom tm, whom I saw at the Sonar festival in Barcelona last june. I find myself totally hooked on the sultry Riding the void. It is electro à la Kraftwerk but with production values of 2013, with a thumping bassline and an incredible vocoder. This absolutely funky, funny music and really playful. As with most Raster-Noton releases, the production is extremely crisp, tight and surgically precise. This is the elegant German minimalistic and yet addictive electronic music. Kraftwerk would be proud and dare I say ”Ich Bin Meine Maschine” !

Remix of the year : Leftfield – Song of life by Betoko

djstingrayFavorite EP : Stingray313 : NKKK4_2 

Favorite soundtrack : Cliff Martinez : Only god forgives / Milan records

Remix / edit of a classic : New order : Blue Monday (John Digweed & Nick Muir’s Fact 73-13 mix)


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