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Moritz von Oswald tribute

February 5, 2017 Leave a comment

Moritz von OswaldUm das Jahr 1993 fanden musikalisch vollkommen neueartig strukturierte – und durch faszinierend andersartige Echoeffekte und unerwartete Spiellänge geprägte – Schallplatten ihren Weg von Berlin in die Welt. Und damit auf die Plattenteller der vom damaligen Zeitgeist beeinflussten Hörer. Plötzlich galten die ohne Markenzeichen schlicht und zeitlos gestalteten Sleeves – welche in Detroit gepresste, aber in Berlin entstandene Musik enthielten – zum Synonym für Künstler, die statt der eigenen Person lieber die Musik in den Fokus rücken wollten. Mit dem Label Basic Channel, das von Moritz von Oswald und Mark Ernestus betrieben wurde, fanden diese ein weites und genreübergreifendes Experimentierfeld. Dieses ermöglichte Moritz von Oswald, den Begriff Techno unter Einbeziehung von Dub, Ambient, Downtempo, Minimaltechno und Avantgarde zu einem Amalgam zu formen, das bis heute als der Urstoff von Minimal verortet werden kann.

Moritz von Oswald beschritt seither ästhetisch wie technisch einzigartige Wege, die durch zeitliche Ausdehnung, Akzentuierung, modulierte Wiederholung und strenge Selektion von musikalischen Versatzstücken bis heute Klangwelten zu schaffen, welche nicht nur auf Tanzflächen funktionieren, sondern den Kanon der minimalistischen Electronica für immer bereichern werden.

Die Souverenität seines Wirkens am Mischpult lässt ihn, wie seinen Jamaikanischen Wiedergänger Lee Scratch Perry, zum elementaren Impulsgeber der musikalische Postmoderne werden. Mutige und unerwartete Kollaborationen mit verschiedensten Musikern wie Juan Atkins, Carl Craig oder dem Jazztrompeter Nills Petter Molvaer weisen regelmäßig auf seine besondere Ambition und Stellung hin – als kreatives Füllhorn höchster geschmacklicher Integrität, dessen Erbe an Bass-Exkursionen deren Feinschliff in seiner Bedeutung und Wirkung noch nicht abzusehen ist: In eigenen Produktionen wie in den feinsinnigen Remixen anderer Künstler.


English version : In the late 1993, mysterious records of mind bending electronic echoes, in length and structures, started to emerge from Berlin. Plain sleeved records with enigmatic graphics pressed in Detroit, but made in Germany by two guys from Berlin who weren’t so keen about showcasing their physique, but rather focused on the music. Basic channel and Moritz von Oswald took techno music to a degree in a variety of shapes that encompassed dub, ambient, downtempo, techno and basically crafted minimal techno de facto. Mr. von Oswald aimed towards face eating repetition and stretching the groove into a place that opened a rich and vast new territory in music for the dance floor and sound textures that were and still are unique.

It’s like Lee Perry would stretch his legs in warm bath with nothing but sequencers and TB 303 for company. Using the mixing board as a tool like his Jamaican nemesis, von Oswald swiftly emerged as the quintessential post-modern artist : collaboration were spawned with Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Nills Petter Molvaer and so on. The holy grail of techno music. Pure class, heavenly remixes and blissful dubby basslines.

Tracklisting :

P.-S. : Thanks to B.R. for the translation and above all, for being a friend, vielen danke mein lieber 😉

Dedicated to Mr Oswald and Mark Ernestus as well.

1) Real Scenes – Berlin
2) Basic Channel – E2e4 Basic Reshape
3) Moritz Von Oswald – Ole (Remix)
4) Nils Petter Molvaer, Moritz von Oswald – Development (Ricardo Mix Dig)
5) TEXTURAL BEING – Homage à Maurizio
6) Round Four: Find A Way – Found A Way
7) Pantha Du Prince – Of Welt Am Draht (Moritz Von Oswald The One version)
8) Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald – Electric Garden (Jazz In The Garden Mix)
9) Basic Channel – Q1.1/III
10) Maurizio – M6B [Edit]
11) Maurizio — Untitled (M-6)
12) 2raumwohnung – Ich Bin Der Regen Moritz Von Oswald Remix
13) Basic channel – Q.1.2 / Maurizio – m7
14) Moritz Von Oswald – Cocoon Dark Dub (Cocoon)
15) Moritz von Oswald – Watamu Beach Rework
16) Infiniti – Think Quick (Moritz Von Oswald ’94 Remodel)
17) Basic Channel – Octagon
18) Basic Channel – Phylyps Base
19) Basic Channel ‎- Phylyps Trak
20) Basic Channel ‎- Radiance II

The blissful sounds of Pantha du Prince…

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Pantha Du Prince released an album in 2007 on Dial records that I didn’t hear until recently. Which means that I’m sometimes totally out of the loop when it comes to great electronic music even though I download massive loads of stuff. I just don’t have time to digest anything at once, especially in avant-garde music. However more rewarding it’s also a more demanding listen. Henrik Weber is the man behind Pantha Du Prince and I will say that This bliss is probably the album that has impressed me the most in recent electronic releases, experimental or not. His music has a string of influences that runs the gamut from classical music, Detroit techno and Shoegazer. Between ethereal waves and a warm grooving bassline, Pantha weaves strings together for an impressive and troubling synthesis, one which causes dissonance between its elements, just as it creates dissociation between its interplay.

The album flows along beautifully, maintaining its mood throughout, with the tracks first ascending, then intensifying, then dissipating, with the clatter of metallic and delayed percussions hitting with a loopscapes, like Asha. This Bliss mostly showcases the naturalist preoccupations of much recent German techno. For all its idiosyncracies, its lushness, this music is clearly the product of a mathematical environnement. It’s an album that’s as much rooted in My bloody valentine as it is in minimal tech-house. He seems to always bring in new elements in some songs which increases the interaction and makes his music much more engaging, sort of like Isolée. A track like Walden 2, is a testament to that ability. But my favorite track on the album and the one that stands out for me is Saturn Strobe. I found myself repeating it time after time. With its beautifully lush layers of strings sweeping the headphones, it creates a real feeling of open space that conjure up the imagery of glacial winterscapes, hence the naturalist concern mentionned below. This Bliss is a phenomenal piece of work. I’m just truly ashamed to have only discovered it in 2009 but it will stay in my playlist for a long time…

Pantha du prince : Saturn strobe [Dial : 2007 : This bliss]

Pantha du prince : Asha [Dial : 2007 : This bliss]

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