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A new ambient mix called Drifting in Space

A dreamy ambient voyage into Space. NASA shuttle included, you find yourself drifting in Space with the likes of Monolake, Tetsu Inoue, Biosphere, Lustmord, Mick Chillage and ISHQ!

  • 1) Intro from a 80’s cult movie
    2) Monolake : Mass transit railways
    3) Tetsu Inoue : Ring of power
    4) Biosphere : Laika
    5) Mick CHillage : Seroni
    6) Lustmord : Metastatic resonance
    7) Mick Chillage : Missing Earth
    8 ) KLF : This is not what Space is about
    9) Biosphere : Startoucher
    10) ISHQ : Ufonic Nemeton Moonbeams
    11) Global communication : Beta phase
    12) Michael Sterns : Planatery unfolding
    13) Pete Namlook & Bobby Bird : Secret location
    14) Outro from a 80’s cult movie
    15) Transmolecular Space Age HolidayNASA shuttle not included!



Space mix vol 8

February 22, 2016 Leave a comment

Always trying with these mix to drift in to outter Space. Check out Autumn of communion Bandcamp page here. Michael Sterns’s Planetary unfolding hails from 1981! Truly a masterpiece. There are not many deep space albums that evoke such beauty throughout its entire runtime. It’s a visionary dive into forever. Essential.  It’s been reissued last year but sadly in small quantities on the label Sonic Atmospheres.

Space 7

August 29, 2015 1 comment

Already volume 7 of the Space mix series. For each volume I try to reproduce the atmosphere of spacy sounds, although space is devoid of sound itself. The following artists have been put together on this mix : Yagya, ISHQ, Mick Chillage, Robert Rich, Ishqamatic, Donato Dozzy and many more.

You can fin earlier volumes at these links :

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