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Who sampled who ? Jean-Jacques Perrey vs Luke Vibert

Jean-Jacques Perrey was born in France in 1929. He was studying medecine in Paris when he met George Jenny, inventor of the Ondioline. Quitting medical school, Perrey travelled through Europe demonstrating this keyboard ancestor of the modern synth. At the age of 30, Perrey relocated to New York, and build him an experimental laboratory and recording studio. Here he invented a new process for generating rhythms with sequences and loops, utilising the environmental sounds of musique concrète. With scissors, splicing tape & tape recorders, he spent weeks piecing together a uniquely comique take on the future. Befriending Robert Moog, he became one of the first Moog musicians, creating far out electronic entertainment.

He has influenced the likes of Beastie boys, His 1970 song “E.V.A” was sampled by several rap artists, most notably Gang starr’s song Just to Get a Rep (1991) and most recently, Luke Vibert and his song I love acid. Though Perrey never enjoyed tremendous commercial success, his music inspired a generation of musicians and was used (and still is used) extensively in advertising. Moog Indigo, a Jean-Jacques Perrey solo album from 1970 featured E.V.A. This slow, funky track is one of the most sampled in hip-hop. In the U.S., it is currently being used in a TV ad for Zelnorm, a prescription medication for female irritable bowel syndrome. His music has even been used by Walt Disney ! It’s an understatement to say that Jean-Jacques Perrey has had a huge influence on electronic music.

Jean-Jacques Perrey : E.V.A. [Moog indigo : 1970 : Vanguard]

Luke Vibert : I love acid [YosePH : 2003 : Ward records]

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