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Disco-not-disco with Tom Tom club’s Wordy rappinghood

The first album by The Tom Tom Club is a strange little offshoot of the Talking Heads that featured Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz and is one of the most influential records of the early 80s in both the mainstream and the avant pop underground. Legendary status aside, the album is a weird mix of the Talking Heads’ child-like rock with some innovative early hip hop influenced grooves — and is famous with hip hoppers for the track “Genius Of Love”, a track that was quickly picked up and covered at the time. Includes also Wordy Rappinghood which predates electroclash 20 years before its time : this record is so modern it fits into any of today’s set of house/electro. We went insane, and we took cocaine…Ms Weymouth sings at one point. Perhaps that’s why, there was a bit of a buzz about the group and this record in particular at the time, but it never really broke through into the mainstream. That and also perhaps because of the name-checking of some underground folks who many of us only started to recognize years later – for instance Bohannon. (This record is also better known for mentioning James Brown, Bootsy Collins and Sly & Robbie). Still, a wistful neo-reggae vibe – no doubt aided by it being recorded in Nassau – pleasantly permeates this song. That and the sick and a little sad irony of the lyrics that wraps it up as a nice and quirky, almost subversive, plus the enjoyable groove, masquerading as new wave meets hip-hop meets disco meets electro. Aficionados ought to check it really as a good candidate for a set opener. This is a classic early ’80s cross between synth-pop and hip-hop as it found a home in the samples of several hip-hop afficiandos and apparently was good enough to be used in a song by Mariah Carey, however, don’t quote me on that ! Genius Of Love is also vert groovy. Either way, this is a slice of pie you won’t want to miss!

Tom tom club – Wordy rappinghood – extended version [Tom tom club : 1981 : Sire]

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